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I’ve recently been updat­ing my web­sites and web serv­er and adding a new site (LoveCrete.org). I wanted to have a back­ground image on LoveCrete and real­ised that of course 1 size does­n’t fit all screens. Here is a sum­mary of what my think­ing was and what I did to cater for the numer­ous screen sizes and ori­ent­a­tions.
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0DIY logo Media HomePocos artículos nuevos, un montón de nuevo trabajo de diseño

For the last 2–3 months I’ve been too busy to write much new con­tent for the site. This has­n’t been helped by a drop in things to write about — most of my art­icles are about tech­no­logy fixes or excit­ing new HTPC related devel­op­ments. There haven’t been too many new devel­op­ments, and I haven’t fixed much tech­no­logy because I’ve been too busy. That does­n’t mean the site has been entirely ignored how­ever…

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