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I was asked recently if I could copy a teach­ing resource from a सीडी-रॉम onto a laptop com­puter. This par­tic­u­lar pro­gram is mostly एचटीएमएल with some embed­ded videos. वहां थे 2 prob­lems with run­ning it from a loc­al short­cut.
1. Inter­net Explorer secur­ity warn­ings
2. The full-screen win­dow is launched by a par­ent browser win­dow which then sits on top of the full screen win­dow and has to be closed when the full screen win­dow is exited
Both of these are only annoy­ances rather than crit­ic­al fail­ures, but a com­plete solu­tion involves fix­ing these kind of things. Find­ing a solu­tion was a little tricky, but once the solu­tion presen­ted itself it was very simple.

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