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2FFmpeg लोगोFFDShow DXVA एच .264 भ्रष्टाचार हल

I have recently been suffering corruption playing back some H.264 files with FFDShow tryouts. After a bit of experimenting I’ve found that the last build without this issue is build 3949 from 24th-July. I previously had issues with earlier releases of FFDShow that didn\’t work with DXVA at allfortunately build 3949 doesn’t suffer this issue. मैं भी previously had a problem where some builds of FFDShow were less efficient on my HTPC और सुचारू रूप से कुछ उच्च बिटरेट फिल्मों को डिकोड करने में असमर्थ थे, उदा.. a rip of the Inglorious Basterds Blu-Ray, which has forced me to continue to use an old build from mid-2010 until now. निर्माण 3949 doesn’t suffer from these issues eitherso in terms of the 3 problems I’ve had over the years with ffdshow, निर्माण 3949 doesn’t suffer from any of them, making it my build of choice for the foreseeable future.