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टैग लिखने के बाद: media splitter

0हाली मट्रोस्का लोगोहाली मीडिया अलगानेवाला: आधिकारिक साइट नीचे

HTPC related sites and resources seem to be drop­ping like flies at the moment. Firstमीडिया केंद्र स्टूडियो dis­ap­peared, फिर developed prob­lems, and now the offi­cial site for Haali Media Split­ter is down. For­tu­nately the media split­ter can still be down­loaded from lots of oth­er sites, and we will keep a mir­ror here in case oth­er sites drop it. There are also altern­at­ives, includ­ing the एमपीसी-HC stan­dalone codecs and LAV. Links to these are avail­able on ourडाउनलोड page. Lets hope that this is the last in the recent series of HTPC related losses.