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0Logo WordpressWordPress aggiornamenti progresso

I’ve had an issue for a while now where installing word­press updates does­n’t show any mes­sages or pro­gress. The updates gen­er­ally do install but it is tricky to know when the updates have fin­ished. There are a few threads online with pos­sible solu­tions but most of them haven’t been help­ful in my case.
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0curve nginx error SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list

I recently ran into an error with a new nginx con­fig that I could­n’t find any­where on google! Turns out that was because I was read­ing the font wrongly and sub­stitued a lower case L for a num­ber 1. So if you ended up on this psage because you searched for SSL_CTX_setl_curves_list then try search­ing again, per SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list.
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0centos 8

centos 8 è stato finalmente rilasciato e finirà per fornire la base per una nuova piattaforma di hosting per noi. Tuttavia non è ancora pronto in quanto vi sono alcuni pacchetti non ancora disponibile.
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