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0एएमडी विजन फ्यूजन प्रीमियम लोगोBrazosTweaker: AMD Brazos E350 Tweaker

As reg­u­lar read­ers will know, मेरा मुख्य HTPC is cur­rently based on an AMD Brazos E350. I’d like to say a quick thanks to सटीक अर्द्ध for their recent art­icle high­light­ing the excel­lent BrazosTweak­er by Sven Wit­tek. This tool (and its sib­ling FusionT­weak­er) enable the tweak­ing of P‑States (कम बिजली मोड में वोल्टेज) Brazos और Llano चिप्स का, बिलकुल इसके जैसा K10Stat, Phe­nomMs­rTweak­er, RMC­lock, Crys­talCPUID and oth­ers have done in the past. To quote Semi­Ac­cur­ate, “the main pur­pose of both these tools is to modi­fy the voltages and clock dividers of the built-in P‑States on these chips.”

The FusionT­weak­er util­ity is still some­what buggy by all reports, but BrazosTweak­er seems reli­able to me. I highly recom­mend read­ing theसटीक अर्द्ध art­icle and then grabbing the tool if you have a Brazos HTPC, या लैपटॉप.