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0विंडोज मीडिया केंद्र eHome लोगोनिश्चित: Media Center 7 behind taskbar on startup

I’ve had a very irrit­at­ing prob­lem with my new Win­dows 7 मीडिया केंद्र HTPC व्यवस्था. मेरे पास है 7एमसी set to load full­screen on star­tup (as the PC is a ded­ic­ated HTPC), but some­thing I changed at some point was caus­ing the taskbar to show on top of Media Cen­ter (अर्थात. Media Cen­ter did­n’t have win­dow focus) and there­fore my remote con­trol did­n’t work until using the mouse func­tion to click on Media Cen­ter to refo­cus it (at which point the taskbar dis­ap­pears).
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