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6Servidor multimediaDVBLink 4.5 & Servidor 2012 servidor de medios

En la última 6 semana 2 grandes cambios han cambiado totalmente el paisaje servidor de medios. DVBLink Servidor 4.5 y Microsoft Windows Server 2012 en combinación mirar para ofrecer un ventanas-plataforma ideal para un servidor multimedia doméstico.

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0ventanas 8 logoVentanas 8: Fijar el menú de inicio

Asi que, Ventanas 8 is coming in late July (October for retail customers). There are no signs that Microsoft will relent provide an option to switch back to the Windows 7 menú de inicio, y en lugar de obligar a la horrible metro interface upon everyone. As a result many of us will undoubtedly stick quite happily with Windows 7, however there are 2 reasons to use Windows 8: se ven obligados a medida que vendrá sobre toda nueva PCs soon and for improvements including a performance increase and the new espacios de almacenamiento feature amongst others. Si usted pertenece a cualquiera de estos campos, pero, como yo, no puede soportar metro, there are now more options available than when I escribió última sobre este tema.

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0Los espacios de almacenamientoEspacios de almacenamiento Microsoft: RAID virtual para Windows 8?

Microsoft de Steve Sinofsky has written a detailed article about a genuinely exciting new feature of Windows 8 – Los espacios de almacenamiento. I won’t repeat the details here, for those you can go straight to the horses mouth. However I will point out a key line from a home media server point of view: “There’s another resiliency attribute, llamado paridad, which directs Storage Spaces to store some redundancy information alongside user data contained within the space, thereby enabling automatic data reconstruction in the event of physical disk failure.To me, this sounds a LOT like a software RAID5 similar to that provided by UnRAID. Until Windows 8 is released and the technology is fully reviewed the details are of course somewhat speculative, but my reading of the article leads me to believe that Storage Spaces will enable the striping of disks, with a parity in the event of single disk failure. Further, it is reasonable to assume that this system will work with standard non-enterprise drives without suffering any compatibility issues. Finalmente, it is reasonable to assume that Storage Spaces will offer some of the performance benefits of hardware raid-5 too. If you have a home server with a lot of media and you want some redundancy, sin coste enorme, then this technology sounds like it might be the perfect solution. Gracias Microsoft!