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6media ServerDVBLink 4.5 & Server 2012 media server

Negli ultimi 6 settimane 2 aggiornamenti importanti hanno totalmente cambiato il panorama media server. Server DVBLink 4.5 e Microsoft Windows Server 2012 in com­bin­a­tion look to offer an ideal win­dows-plat­form for a home media server.

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0finestre 8 logoFinestre 8: Fissare il menu di avvio

Così, Finestrini 8 è com-mento a fine luglio (Otto-bre per la vendita al dettaglio CUSTOM-tori).  Non ci sono segni che Microsoft si pentirà fornisce un'opzione per tornare al Win-dows 7 menu di avvio, e invece costringerà l'metro hor-Rible inter-faccia upon every­one. As a res­ult many of us will undoubtedly stick quite hap­pily with Win­dows 7, Come mai non ci sono 2 REAS-ons per utilizzare Win-dows 8: essere costretti a quanto verrà su tutto nuova PC presto e per migliora-menti-zione compresi un aumento per-forma-zione e il nuovospazi di stoccaggio età fea­ture amongst oth­ers. If you fall into either of these camps but, come me, can­’t stand metro, ora ci sono altre opzioni disponibili in grado di quando houltimo scritto su questo problema.

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0Gli spazi di stoccaggioSpazi Microsoft Storage: RAID virtuale per Windows 8?

Microsoft’s Steve Sinof­sky has writ­ten a detailed art­icle about a genu­inely excit­ing new fea­ture of Win­dows 8 — Stor­age Spaces. I won’t repeat the details here, for those you can go straight to the horses mouth. How­ever I will point out a key line from a home media serv­er point of view: “There’s anoth­er resi­li­ency attrib­ute, detto par­ity, which dir­ects Stor­age Spaces to store some redund­ancy inform­a­tion along­side user data con­tained with­in the space, thereby enabling auto­mat­ic data recon­struc­tion in the event of phys­ic­al disk fail­ure.” To me, this sounds a LOT like a soft­ware RAID5 sim­il­ar to that provided by UnRAIDUntil Win­dows 8 is released and the tech­no­logy is fully reviewed the details are of course some­what spec­u­lat­ive, but my read­ing of the art­icle leads me to believe that Stor­age Spaces will enable the strip­ing of disks, with a par­ity in the event of single disk fail­ure. Fur­ther, it is reas­on­able to assume that this sys­tem will work with stand­ard non-enter­prise drives without suf­fer­ing any com­pat­ib­il­ity issues.  Finalmente, it is reas­on­able to assume that Stor­age Spaces will offer some of the per­form­ance bene­fits of hard­ware raid‑5 too. If you have a home serv­er with a lot of media and you want some redund­ancy, without huge cost, then this tech­no­logy sounds like it might be the per­fect solu­tion. Thanks Microsoft!