1Mozilla Minenfeld x64Der Fall für x64-Browser?

Ich habe vor kurzem Firefox benutze 4 64Privat-Bit, also known as Minefield. I thought it would be interesting to compare various browsers to see if this supports my feeling that Minefield is the fastest browser I’ve used. The conclusions are quite interesting. I will continue to update this table as new versions are released

Firefox 4 x64 (pre beta7)Firefox 3.6Firefox 4 BetaIE9 betaIE9 beta x64IE8IE8 x64ChromOperSafari
ACID 39794979595100100100
Peace keeper
How To Create CSS Test118Frau138Frau98Frau209Frau254Frau234Frau235Fraun / a49Fraun / a
Sun Spider JavaScript433.0Frau ± 10.6%707.0Frau ± 4.6%441.4Frau ± 8.8%337.6Frau ± 7.6%1148.4Frau ± 3.4%283.0Frau ± 11.4%251.0Frau ± 15.0%268.2Frau ± 3.6%
JS Celtic Kan 411 ± 7200 ± 7325 ± 20491 ± 34185 ± 276 ± 641 ± 4722 ± 6639 ±5553 ± 9
Slick Speed262251
Task Speed380252423588FehlerFehler1676619098266221332339
FRAU Fishtank37fps (1000 fish)13fps (100fish)26fps (1000 fish)54fps (1000 fish)46fps (1000 fish)20fps (10 fish)28fps (100 fish)30fps (1 fish)
FRAU Psyche- delic1774rpm3rpm1779rpm1810rpm1779rpm8rpm8rpm
FRAU Flying Images60fps6fps60fps60fps60fps1fps1fps15fps2fps
Mozilla Kraken7842.5 Frau ± 0.7%21388.8 Frau ± 0.3%16289.7 Frau ± 0.9%15228.5 Frau ± 0.2%11079.4 Frau ± 1.0%15002.3 Frau ± 0.4%
Google V8
Non Troppo Table test
1500 Flash Particles47fps46fps45fps40fps40fps
100 SVG Particles75fps78fps125fps37fps65fps
100 HTML5 Particles46fps48fps100fpsFehler65fps


  • Minefield currently crashes when running Peacekeeper. This should be fixed in the next build.
  • Neither Firefox nor IE are quite able to complete the ACID3 test correctly.
  • It seems that Opera has by far the best JavaScript engine, but I know from experience that its page load times are not good, and I don’t like the way it renders fonts.
  • Chrome and Safari are very close in performance and are the fastest overall for JavaScript if Opera is ruled out for slow data load times.
  • Chrome is fastest overall for SVG and HTML5 hardware acceleration. It is also the fastest for flash (exc. 64Bit), and very close to Minefield. Once Chrome has full hardware acceleration it will be indisputably the fastest (unless Minefield improves its JS engine by release time)
  • Internet Explorer 8 is a waste of time.
  • IE9 is a big improvement on IE8, but still lags well behind the rest.
  • IE9 x64 is slower than IE9 x86a case of poor optimisation?
  • It’s now obvious why FRAU made IE 32bit the default browser in windows.
  • Firefox 4 looks to be a lot faster than firefox 3.6, but still slower with most javascript than Opera (altho the Mozilla Kraken benchmark which seems most strenuous gives Firefox an advantage. How fair and independent are the various tests?)
  • Hardware acceleration is clearly the future whenever it an be utilised.
  • 64bit firefox 4 is substantially faster than 32bit forefox 4 in a few benchmarks, but on par or a bit behind in most. Partially this is probably due to the nature of its prebeta status, compared to 32bit firefox 4 being near final release. It also highlights that many things do not benefit from x64 yet.
  • Firefox 4 looks to be the most rounded browser at this moment. Hopefully an official release of Minefield will improve upon this. Chrome is a very respectable second. Once Chrome gets full hardware acceleration it will surpass Firefox

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Thanks for your benchmarks. I’m running only 64 bit browsers on my Windows 7 machine and have been pretty happy with them. IE8 is OK, but for me IE9 doesn’t work at all. I hate that you can’t install them side-by-side, makes checking them back to back impossible. BTW, I’m running Minefield 4.0b8pre, just installed today from the nightly Mozilla builds. It seems faster to me than the 64 Bit 3.6.12, but its difficult to be objective. Now that flash and Java are both usable in 64 bit there’s no reason not to plunge ahead with the the browsers. Peace, Jon