1Mozilla Minefield x64The case for x64 browsers?

I’ve recently been using Fire­fox 4 64bit pre­b­eta, also known as Mine­field. I thought it would be inter­est­ing to com­pare vari­ous browsers to see if this sup­ports my feel­ing that Mine­field is the fast­est browser I’ve used. The con­clu­sions are quite inter­est­ing. I will con­tin­ue to update this table as new ver­sions are released

火狐 4 x64の (pre beta7)火狐 3.6Fire­fox 4 betaIE9 betaIE9 beta x64IE8IE8 x64クロムオペラサファリ
ACID 39794979595100100100
Peace keep­er
How To Cre­ate CSS テスト118ミズ138ミズ98ミズ209ミズ254ミズ234ミズ235ミズN / A49ミズN / A
Sun Spider JavaScript433.0ミズ ± 10.6%707.0ミズ ± 4.6%441.4ミズ ± 8.8%337.6ミズ ± 7.6%1148.4ミズ ± 3.4%283.0ミズ ± 11.4%251.0ミズ ± 15.0%268.2ミズ ± 3.6%
JS Celt­ic Kan411 ± 7200 ± 7325 ± 20491 ± 34185 ± 276 ± 641 ± 4722 ± 6639 ±5553 ± 9
Slick Speed262251
Task Speed380252423588エラーエラー1676619098266221332339
MS Fishtank37FPS (1000 fish)13FPS (100fish)26FPS (1000 fish)54FPS (1000 fish)46FPS (1000 fish)20FPS (10 fish)28FPS (100 fish)30FPS (1 fish)
MS Psyche- delic1774rpm3rpm1779rpm1810rpm1779rpm8rpm8rpm
Moz­illa Kraken7842.5 ミズ ± 0.7%21388.8 ミズ ± 0.3%16289.7 ミズ ± 0.9%15228.5 ミズ ± 0.2%11079.4 ミズ ± 1.0%15002.3 ミズ ± 0.4%
Google V8
Non Troppo Table test
1500 Flash Particles47FPS46FPS45FPS40FPS40FPS
100 SVG Particles75FPS78FPS125FPS37FPS65FPS
100 HTML5 Particles46FPS48FPS100FPSエラー65FPS


  • Mine­field cur­rently crashes when run­ning Peace­keep­er. This should be fixed in the next build.
  • Neither Fire­fox nor IE are quite able to com­plete the ACID3 test correctly.
  • It seems that Opera has by far the best JavaS­cript engine, but I know from exper­i­ence that its page load times are not good, and I don’t like the way it renders fonts.
  • Chrome and Safari are very close in per­form­ance and are the fast­est over­all for JavaS­cript if Opera is ruled out for slow data load times.
  • Chrome is fast­est over­all for SVG and HTML5 hard­ware accel­er­a­tion. It is also the fast­est for flash (exc. 64ビット), and very close to Mine­field. Once Chrome has full hard­ware accel­er­a­tion it will be indis­put­ably the fast­est (unless Mine­field improves its JS engine by release time)
  • インターネットエクスプローラ 8 is a waste of time.
  • IE9 is a big improve­ment on IE8, but still lags well behind the rest.
  • IE9 x64 is slower than IE9 x86 — a case of poor optimisation?
  • It’s now obvi­ous why MS made IE 32bit the default browser in windows.
  • 火狐 4 looks to be a lot faster than fire­fox 3.6, but still slower with most javas­cript than Opera (altho the Moz­illa Kraken bench­mark which seems most strenu­ous gives Fire­fox an advant­age. How fair and inde­pend­ent are the vari­ous tests?)
  • Hard­ware accel­er­a­tion is clearly the future whenev­er it an be utilised.
  • 64bit fire­fox 4 is sub­stan­tially faster than 32bit fore­fox 4 in a few bench­marks, but on par or a bit behind in most. Par­tially this is prob­ably due to the nature of its pre­b­eta status, com­pared to 32bit fire­fox 4 being near final release. It also high­lights that many things do not bene­fit from x64 yet.
  • 火狐 4 looks to be the most roun­ded browser at this moment. Hope­fully an offi­cial release of Mine­field will improve upon this. Chrome is a very respect­able second. Once Chrome gets full hard­ware accel­er­a­tion it will sur­pass Firefox

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Thanks for your bench­marks. I’m run­ning only 64 bit browsers on my Win­dows 7 machine and have been pretty happy with them. IE8 is OK, but for me IE9 does­n’t work at all. I hate that you can­’t install them side-by-side, makes check­ing them back to back impossible. ところで, I’m run­ning Mine­field 4.0b8pre, just installed today from the nightly Moz­illa builds. It seems faster to me than the 64 ビット 3.6.12, but its dif­fi­cult to be object­ive. Now that flash and Java are both usable in 64 bit there’s no reas­on not to plunge ahead with the the browsers. Peace, ジョン