I recently pos­ted abi­out my search for a new stor­age serv­er case. My next search involves find­ing a suit­able 电源供应器! It seems in recent years it has got much harder to find the type of hard­ware I like to use, prob­ably because the fash­ion has been to go smal­ler and sleeker which is gen­er­ally more pos­sible in this era of improved per­form­ance-per-watt devices. 然而, if you have space and you want sys­tems to be cool, 安静, and effi­cient then large is still the way to go.

My cur­rent serv­er has the excel­lent Cor­sair HX520 电源供应器 我不得不周边 10 岁月. This mod­u­lar 电源供应器 拥有 5 AUX con­nect­ors which can take SATA 或莫仕电缆. 我得到了额外的 SATA 电缆和有 1 Molex公司电缆 4 SATA 电缆,让我这两个机箱风扇供电 (莫莱克斯) 和最多 16 硬盘 (4 x 4 SATA 电缆). I cur­rently have 12 SATA drives powered with a little bit of spare capa­city.

I would be very happy with anoth­er HX520 power sup­ply for my new serv­er but of course being a 10 year old design it is no longer avail­able, and I haven’t been able to find one second hand so I have been search­ing for some­thing equi­val­ent. The prob­lem is that mod­ern designs seem obsessed with provid­ing silly num­bers of GPU 电力电缆 (silly giv­en that a sig­ni­fic­ant major­ity of people use either 0 要么 1 图形处理器, 只有极少数确实使用 2, 更不用说 3!) 但其中许多人只有 3 AUX con­nect­ors with even the reas­on­ably high power mod­els only offer­ing 4.

It is pos­sible to get mod­els with 5 or more AUX sock­ets but these are typ­ic­ally £200 or more for 1000W or more. My cur­rent serv­er pulls 125W at the sock­et so this sort of 电源供应器 would be com­plete overkill and would also be oper­at­ing at only 10% capa­city which is far below the optim­um effi­ciency. 一个400W 电源供应器 would be far more suit­able (to give head­room for the syst­me under full load and for the drive spin up power draw at boot up).

One final frus­tra­tion is that even if I am able to find a much older mod­el second hand it is likely to be sig­ni­fic­antly less effi­cient that a mod­ern design. With the serv­er run­ning 24.7 effi­ciency does make a dif­fer­ence. Is it too much to ask to find a mod­ern equi­val­ent of the HX520 with an 80 再加上金 (or bet­ter) rat­ing for price of around £60?

Bare in mind there is a lot of mis­in­form­a­tion about the amount of power required for sys­tems with mul­tiple HDDs. 有一个 good thread on Super­User where some typ­ic­al fig­ures are giv­en and a sim­il­ar dis­cus­sion on Tom’s Hard­ware for­ums where a typ­ic­al example is giv­en…

  • WD Cavi­ar Black (WD2001FASS)
  • Star­tup Cur­rent +12V: 1.16 安培
  • Star­tup Cur­rent +5V: 0.60 安培
  • Star­tup Power (总): 16.92w ^
  • 读/写: 10.70 瓦
  • 闲: 8.20 瓦
  • 支持: 1.30 瓦
  • 睡觉: 1.30 瓦

The total spin up power at 17W is fairly typ­ic­al. 一个WD红3TB使用15W.

同 16 of these drives there would be a max­im­um draw of 48W from the 5v line and 223W from the 12V line (271W的总). 即使是125W允许的 CPU under full load and anoth­er 100W for the rest of the sys­tem, the total max­im­um power draw is still only 471W. And let’s remem­ber that the cpu and sys­tem will not be draw­ing max­im­um power at bootup time when the drives are at max­im­um. 要检查的最后一件事是, 电源供应器 can sup­ply enough power on the 5V line and 12v line as these each have a max­im­um rat­ing. Even my old Cor­sair HX520 can provide 24A at 5V which is a total of 120W (Basic sec­ond­ary school phys­ics les­sons will tell you that Power = Cur­rent x Voltage) which is 2.5x the demand of this hypo­tet­ic­al 16-drive sys­tem.

In fact the area I would have to be care­ful of (if I did­n’t have staggered spin up) 是我的老HX520具有 3 12V lines which each have a max­im­um sup­ply of 18A which means 216W. 只 1 这些用于驱动电源,所以如果我试图旋转起来 16 HDDs sim­ul­tan­eously I would be slightly over my power budget. 当然,我也有交错启动,我只有 10 spin­ning-rust based drives so I am well with­in the lim­its. The les­son is clear though — in any build the lim­it­ing factor is more likely to be the max­im­um power provided per 12v line and not the total power the 电源供应器 额定. Once we know this it becomes appar­ent that there really is no need for a kilo­watt 电源供应器 for this sort of sys­tem, but hav­ing staggered spin up is immensely valu­able and even with that, it is worth pay­ing atten­tion to the max­im­um rat­ing of each 12v line, and the max­im­um rat­ing for the 5v sup­ply. Most mod­ern 事业单位 now use a single 12v line which can sup­ply 50A+ which solves this prob­lem.

It is worth not­ing that using “green” drives that like to go to sleep could cause issues if they all try to spin up at once. 如果他们不这样做,那么你将获得一个长期效应初探延迟时有史以来醒来! I recom­mend using NAS grade (or bet­ter) HDDs for a stor­age sys­tem of this kind. Some good inform­a­tion and graphs about start-up power are avail­able at 45Drives.com

My cur­rent serv­er has 12 硬盘, 1 RAID卡, and 2 电视卡. It typ­ic­ally draws about 125W at the sock­et, with all the drives spin­ning and the 电视 stream­ing. No doubt if I ham­mer the serv­er it will go high­er, but for a glor­i­fied NAS a kilo­watt power sup­ply is utterly overkill. 看事情的关键是,如果你没有交错启动启用做的功率损耗 (which you can prob­ably only enable with a RAID 卡). 我有交错启动, and 2 我的 12 驱动器不具有自旋向上的SSD问题. Assum­ing the new serv­er also draws around 125W then a 500W 电源供应器 会在 25% 负载, 而一个1000W 电源供应器 会在 12.5% 负载. Giv­en an equal 80 plus rat­ing the 500W 电源供应器 is almost cer­tain to be more effi­cient at this load, as well as being a reas­on­able price to start with.

我有一个很好看的主要品牌 电源供应器 man­u­fac­tur­ers (Cor­sair, Season­ic, EVGA, 安泰克, FSP, Bequiet, Sil­ver­stone, Thermal­take, Cool­er­Mas­ter, XFX, 分形设计, Ener­max) 并提出以下列表中的最接近我能找到. Most man­u­fac­tur­ers don’t offer any­thing at all below 650W with 5 or more aux con­nect­ors. I’ve included a 750W Cor­sair as I’ve seen it on offer at a sim­il­ar price to 650W mod­els fre­quently.

Pos­sible new mod­els

  • Cor­sair RM750 (750w ^; £75; 80+ 金)
  • EVGA Super­NOVA 650 G + (650w ^; £85; 80+ 金)
  • EVGA 650 BQ (650w ^; £74; 80+ 青铜)

到目前为止, 电源供应器’s I am aware of to search for second hand are…

  • Cor­sair HX520
  • Cor­sair HX620
  • Cor­sair HX550
  • Cor­sair HX650
  • Season­ic 660XP2
  • Season­ic 650KM3

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