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1.4 General Site Quality

People come back to quality. If your site looks sloppy you can kiss goodbye to return visits.

1.4.1 Améliorer la recherche intégrée

The built in search isn’t particularly good. Mon conseil à ce sujet est exactement le même que celui qui est sur YoastShow results by relevance not date, show an appropriate excerpt, show more results per page and offer typo correction. These can all be achieved with the plugins recommended on the Yoast article

1.4.2 Eviter les liens brisés

Broken links are annoying. They’ll also knock your search engine ranking. Pour les éviter, utiliser la lien mort checker Plugin. en outre, to save any future hassle if you change your domain name or your permalink structure – utiliser Liens internes RB Les liens internes du site. This also makes it possible to apply a styling to internal links that is different from styling applied to external links. Using such styling is also user-friendlymaking it possible to see instantly if a link is going to an external site.

1.4.3 Provide content ratings

Content ratings help reduce the chance that your site is blocked by parental security settings. Également, if any of your content is unsuitable for some audiences, the ratings will protect those audiences. It is simply good practice. J'ai entendu, but haven’t been able to confirm, that content ratings can be beneficial for your search engine ranking too. The best way of doing this is via a PHOTOS.fichier rdf, plutôt que de méta-données dans l'en-tête. This will also avoid any invalid code problems, et éviter les données en cours de chargement, sauf si cela est nécessaire, saving bandwidth. There is an excellent guide to this at SixRevisions. See these content rating sites for more information: ICRA, RSAC, SafeSurf et WebUrbia.

1.4.4 Paginate long posts

Très longs messages et les pages sont plus difficiles à lire, and losing your place is common. Paginating your longer articles improves readability, is better for CET, et fournit plus d'endroits pour mettre des annonces. Simple insert le code <!–nextpage–>

1.4.5 Provide a contact method

Les gens aiment être en mesure d'entrer en contact, so it’s important to provide a quick and easy method. Unfortunately because of e-mail being harvested for spam, just providing an e-mail address is not recommended. I suggest providing a dedicated page with a contact form. This functionality can easily be added with the Contact Form 7 Plugin. I also advise providing a vCard, mais seulement dans le cadre de vos microformats.

1.4.6 Use appropriate categories and tags

Including appropriate tags in your posts improves your listing on blog directories like technorati. It also makes it much easier for visitors to find related posts. Using categories also makes navigation easier for visitors. Both tags and categories can contribute to your CET.

1.4.7 Orthographe, Punctuation & Grammaire

Poor writing is harder to read and undermines your credibility. This is bad news for multiple reasons. Users are less likely to trust your content, ont moins tendance à rester sur le site, et moins susceptibles de retourner. Google have already said that there is a strong correlation between sites with high quality SPG, and ranking. Everyone makes the occasional mistake so I recommend using the after the deadline Plugin.

1.4.8 Create an ‘About’ page

Your readers want to know a bit about you. A personal feel is more likely to get people back for return visits. Being open about who you are also helps your credibility. You can also use the about page to provide information about or links to copyright information, your privacy policy, auteurs archives, et d'autres politiques (par exemple. comments and advertising) que nous avons ici sur DIY Médias Accueil.

1.4.9 Utiliser des images et le style

No-one likes seeing pages full of text. Obtenez des images, illustrations and colour on your pages. Set yourself the target of having at least 1 image associated with every post. For more thoughts about images see section 2.1.2. You can also apply styles to external links and use headings to break up blocks of text. Vidéos (voir la section 2.1.3) sera également égayer les choses.

1.4.10 Be authoritative and credible

If you are thorough, clear and confident in what you say, your readers are more likely to have confidence that you know what you are talking about. Whilst you should avoid coming across as arrogant, it is equally important not to appear to be providing a poorly thought through piece or not having conviction. Where possible enhance your credibility by providing reference links to sources (voir la section 1.4.11). Whilst many of your readers may be happy to just accept whatever they hear, many of them will becriticalreaders. These readers will assess what you say and if they find it not credible they will be less likely to return. Where possible you should enhance your credibility by supporting your assertions in the following ways

  • Self-evident statements: These are statements that noreasonableperson would be likely to dispute
  • Subjective statements: These are statements about you, your experiences, vos croyances, etc.
  • Supported statements: These are statements that you support by providing references to other credible sources (voir la section 1.4.11). This is easy onlinesimply include links to other credible experts. In this article for example there are frequent links to external resources.
  • Self-supported statements: These are statements that you support by providing your own evidence. Be as open and clear as possible with any evidence that you present.

Remarque: I have paraphrased these statements based on the chapterReliability, validity and credibilityby Dr. J Scaife, found on pages 58-72 dans “Doing educational researchby Dr C. Opie.

1.4.11 Credit your sources with links

Si vous avez une idée d'un autre site, especially if it’s from another Blogger then say so. Donnez le crédit où il est dû, and you can expect others to do likewise, increasing the number of incoming links. If you just copy others work without adding much value you are likely to get blacklisted by other bloggers. If you do provide proper links it puts you in a position to confidently challenge any claim of plagiarism.

1.4.12 Don’t use www

La plupart des sites utilisent encore www au début du nom. This is pointless, it lengthens the address and adds nothing. Votre site doit toujours accepter les demandes avec ou sans www, but it is better to host your site primarily without the www, and redirect the www requests to the www-less version. Vous remarquerez que ce site est DIYMediaHome.org, pas www.DIYMediaHome.org. Reducing the length of the address of articles also reduces the chance that e-mailed links will get broken by a line wrap (voir 2.2.4). I personally think non www sites stand out better in google search results too.

1.4.13 Obtenez le dot-com

You may not want a .com domainbut some of your visitors may not remember you TLD and just type in your-site-name.com regardless. You don’t want a domain troll grabbing the .com and stealing your traffic, so if you choose to have a non-dot-com domain then buy the .com as well and redirect it. Just like we have.

1.4.14 Create a favicon

Just about every popular site has one, and wordpress includes one, but you should customise it. Vous avez besoin d'un png ou ico qui est 16x16px. Icons with alpha transparency look better if you can create one. The free utility IcoFX (on our downloads page) may prove useful. Include a meta line in the header to specify your favicon if your theme doesn’t offer a way to set it. Nommez le fichier favicon.ico ou favicon.png et le mettre dans la racine web. Add the following code to your header <link rel =”icône” type =”image/png” href =”http://your.domain/favicon.png”>

Vous pouvez également fournir une icône pour appareils Apple, which should be rectangular and 57x57px. Reference it with the code <link rel =”apple-touch-icon” href =”path-to-your-apple-icon.png” />. You can also use .ico or .gif formats for the Apple icon.

1.4.15 Tableaux

Only use tables where they’re neededfor tabulated data, never for page structure. Make sure you use the full features of tables properly. You should usually include headings with <e> balises, et vous pouvez casser votre table dans <thead> <tbody> et <tfoot> sections too. Also consider adding a script to enable your reader to manipulate your tables, par exemple. sort them by the data in various columns if this is appropriate. Enfin – consider how your tables are presentedit can be easier to read the content of tables where alternative rows are different shades.

1.4.16 Sémantique HTML

Utilisation HTML correctement. Par exemple, start by including <acronyme>, <abbr> et <DFN> tags to define words and to explain what all those abbreviations and TLA‘s mean. This is good for your readers and search engines. If you are happy delving into HTML then see section 1.1.5 pour plus de renseignements sémantique HTML. If you’re too lazy to manually insert acronym tags you can use the Acronymes 2 plugin to do it for you. W3Schools has a helpful summary of the most useful semantic tags and Joost de Valk (de Yoast renommée) has written an excellent article with more information on using semantic HTML correctement.

1.4.17 Utilisez un fichier de humans.txt

Rather than embedding a lot of code with credits and details of contributors or authors of your site in the main code, put it in a humans.txt and reference this in the header of your site. For more information see the guide on SixRevisions.

1.4.18 Locate yourself

Keep things personal by locating yourself on google maps. This is especially important if you are a business, mais même si vous n'êtes pas cela vaut la peine. To do this create a Geo.kml and Geo.rdf. More information is available at SixRevisions.

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