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Partie 2: Attirer le trafic

2.1 Optimisation des moteurs de recherche

Make your site more attractive to search engines

2.1.1 le “wordpress CETplugin by yoast

This is by far the best and most comprehensive CET outil que j'ai utilisé. There are also extensive and really thorough articles on Yoast explaining all the CET les options. It will take some time to figure it out, mais c'est du temps très bien dépensé.

2.1.2 Créez vos propres images

A surprisingly large number of your incoming search results can come from image searches, and having images on your site is beneficial for other reasons too (voir la section 1.4.9). Creating your own images makes them more likely to be clicked on as you’re the only site with that image. Create large images and let wordpress automatically create resized images for display on your pages. You can link the resized images to the originals so the search engine crawlers will index the full size images.

Il est 3 common image formats currently supported by web browsers: JPEG, GIF et PNG. Il existe également un format appelé SVG which has potential but this is not yet widely supported by browsers or wordpress. GIF is no longer very common as PNG provides the same features with smaller file sizes in a royalty-free format. Where possible we recommend using PNG images. JPEG images are excellent for highly complex images like photographs, but the jpeg format uses lossy compression as standard so image quality is not guaranteed. For icons, logos and simpler images the PNG format is superior. It doesn’t use lossy compression so image quality is guaranteed, it supports transparent backgrounds, and it often results in the smallest file sizes. For more information about image size efficiency see section 3.1.7.

2.1.3 Utilisez les vidéos

If you’re explaining how to do something, consider creating a video tutorial. Put the tutorial on your own YouTube channel and link it with your post. This can really help to illustrate what it is that you’re trying to explain, et bien sûr, il mettre en circulation à partir de recherches et de vidéo YouTube.

2.1.4 Fournir des informations de l'image

This is important for accessibility as much as anything. You really should complete the alt text, description and title for your images. This is good practice for the visually impaired and the search engines like it. Aussi simple que ça.

2.1.5 Réduire le contenu dupliqué

Search Engines really don’t like lots of duplicated content. We show the first part of each article on the front page, mais sur les archives, nous montrons l'extrait. The excerpt is different from the first part of the post so the archives don’t duplicate the homepage or the article itself. Whilst the archives do duplicate each other to some extent, the level of duplication is reduced by different articles appearing on each archive.

2.1.6 Désactiver certaines archives

This is another way to reduce duplicated content. Having lots of different types of archive increases duplicate content and it’s confusing for readers too. We have disabled the date archives and post-type archives and only use category, tag et auteurs archives. La page de recherche est aussi une sorte de l'archive de cours, afin de prendre cela en compte. If you retain several archives, consider using your robots.txt (ou la Yoast CET Plugin) to prevent indexation of some of them. We have disabled indexation of the tag archives for example.

2.1.7 Utilisez des titres

Searching engines like keywords in heading tags. So will your readers. Il vous aidera également, l'auteur. Writing an article of this length would have been confusing if I hadn’t used headings! The headings also made it easier to refer readers to other related parts of the article.

2.1.8 Soyez référencé sur le DMOZ

All the main search engines give some weight to being listed on the DMOZ. It isn’t necessarily very easy to get listed, mais si vous le pouvez, le gain en vaut la peine.

2.1.9 Configurer les permaliens appropriés

Having key words from the article title in the page address is good, having them diluted by dates, category names etc is not. I recommend using just %pagename% as your permalinks. Unless you are likely to have multiple posts with the same title there is no disadvantage to using this simple structure. In earlier versions of wordpress this had performance issues, but this has been fixed in wordpress 3.3. Reducing the length of the address of articles also reduces the chance that e-mailed links will get broken by a line wrap (voir 2.2.4).

2.1.10 Utilisez chapelure

You’ll notice at the top of all our pages we have a line which startsyou are here”. Ces “breadcrumbsmake it instantly visible where you are on our site. They also provide an easy to use system to navigate around the site. Both your readers and search engines will find navigating your site easier if you use breadcrumbs.

2.1.11 Fournir microdonnées

Using microdata properly will help to get your site listed for specific content types – par exemple. avis, recettes, etc. You can also user microdata to include author information which shows up in google search results, and increase the likelihood your link will get clicked on. There is anecdotal evidence that these will also improve your pagerank directly. Vous pouvez utiliser le outil de test des extraits enrichis (voir la section 1.1.6) pour vérifier votre code.

2.1.12 Don’t be tempted to “tricher”

There are lots of ways of trying to artificially increase your CET. My advice is to avoid any that are clearly trying to trick the system. Sooner or later your technique will get spotted and you will be dumped into thegoogle black hole”. It’s not ethical, et à plus long terme, il ne fonctionnera pas. Invest your time making your site better for your readers and you’ll reap the rewards.

2.1.13 Acheter votre domaine pour une longue période

I don’t know for certain, but I’ve heard from various sources that google will rank you higher if your domain has been registered for a long time. Sauf si vous n'avez pas l'intention de garder votre site va, it’s worth going for a longer registration if you can afford it. 10 ans serait une excellente.

2.1.14 Utilisez un fichier robots.txt

le Yoast CET plugin will do this for you, mais si vous ne l'utilisez pas, you should create one. A detailed article on SixRevisions fournit plus de détails.

2.1.15 Créer des plans de site XML

Encore – la Yoast CET plugin will do this for you, mais si vous ne l'utilisez pas, you should create a sitemap.xml. Submit your sitemap to google webmaster tools (voir la section 1.3.3). Encore SixRevisions fournir plus de détails.

2.1.16 Considérez une marque

Bien, ce n'est pas très pas cher. But like a long domain registration, having a TM registered is rumoured to give a significant boost to google’s ranking of your site. If you’re a business this is likely to be of more interest than a smaller scale operation.

2.1.17 Créer un dublin.rdf

Voir le guide SixRevisions

2.1.18 Créer un OpenSearch.xml

Voir le guide SixRevisions

2.1.19 Le nouveau système de classement de Google

I’ve added this at the bottom to make you aware of it, even though almost all of the tips on this article address these issues. Google frequently update their ranking algorithms, et au printemps 2011 they introduced a new system. The algorithm is increasingly intelligent and will try to judge your site based on morehumanfactors and less on just the number of incoming links. The important new ranking factors include: The average amount of time spent your readers spend on your site, la taux de rebond de votre site, the number of web pages viewed per visit, vos temps de réponse des pages et votre conversion rates. You can view this sort of data with Google Analytics (voir la section 1.3.1). If you engage and retain your readers you’ll be doubly rewarded thanks to the new ranking system. The ranking of page response times makes performance doubly important (voir la section 3.1). To deal with high bounce rates or low conversion rates, I recommend you start by reading the article addressing exactly that by Avinash Kaushik.

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