DIY وسائل الإعلام الرئيسية الشعار

الموقع النهائي لتصميم وإنشاء مسرح منزلي الخاص ومرحبا فاي الإعداد الخاصة.

0ويندوز ميديا ​​بلاير شعارالتحكم في مستوى صوت Windows لمخرج HDMI

لقد قمت مؤخرًا بتبديل نظام صوتي السينما المنزلية القديم (ياماها DSP-E800 وجهاز استقبال ستيريو دينون) متصل عبر USB لجنة المساعدة الإنمائية و 6 قناة التناظرية لجهاز Onkyo TX-SR605 الذي يحتوي على HDMI اتصالات الصوت. في معظم النواحي كانت هذه ترقية فورية ولكن هناك مشكلة واحدة أحبطتني حقًا - الحجم ...

I was used to hav­ing the amp­li­fi­ers set at a fixed volume and adjust­ing the level via the PC (الفوز-dows 10) volume con­trol. How­ever with HDMI it seems this does­n’t work. The win­dows volume con­trol does noth­ing at all. Googling pro­duced no use­ful res­ults, just lots of people who can­’t get HDMI out­put to work at all — a clas­sic example of how much worse google has got at find­ing rel­ev­ant res­ults now that every com­mer­cially backed web­site has found ways to game it.

It seems the issue is that win­dows can­’t con­trol the volume for any­thing bit­streamed. But my new amp­li­fi­er accepts mul­tichan­nel LPCM so what I want to do is decode any dolby or DTS formats on the PC, con­trol their volume, and then send them as LPCM to the amp.

Thanks to a piece of soft­ware I used pre­vi­ously to remap chan­nels I have been able to do exactly that, and get con­trol again. That soft­ware is called “Equal­izer APO”. Just install it and enable it for your HDMI out­put and then reboot. One oth­er thing is needed for some pro­grams — Go into the clas­sic “con­trol pan­el” and open the sound options. Bring up the prop­er­ties for your HDMI out­put and then go to the advanced tab. Untick “Allow applic­a­tions to take exclus­ive con­trol of this device”.

The final thing I had to do was to change the default power on volume on the Onkyo — which had been set to 45. I changed it to remem­ber the pre­vi­ous. The set­ting is found in Set­tings -> 6. Misc -> Volume Setup -> Power on Volume

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