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Mi è stato recentemente provando ad aggiornare un sistema Windows 7 PC a Windows 10 ma dopo diversi riavvii le finestre 10 installazione è stata venendo a mancare con un errore “The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during REPLACE_OC operationwith code 0x8007001f – 0x20006.

la correzione

I’ll start with the eventual fix that worked, but below I will also include the instructions for repairing Windows 7 system files as these may also be useful in other circumstances, although they I didn’t manage to fix my problem with them on this occasion.

The actual “aggiustare” was simple. I did an “aggiornare” install of the existing Windows 7 SP1 a…. Finestre 7 SP1! This is basically a repair install. You need a Windows 7 SP1 ISO which matches the version of windows installed. Estrarlo in una cartella e quindi eseguire l'installazione. You will get the option to keep all existing files which you must select. Once the repair install is successful you can run the windows 10 upgrade and if you’re lucky like I was it will then complete successfully.

The Windows 7 ISO può ancora essere downloaded from Microsoft (which is obviously much safer than from 3rd party sites) but you will need a legitimate Al dettaglio chiave (non un OEM purtroppo chiave) fare così. If you are forced to resort to unofficial sources please make sure you check the hash of the file to ensure it hasn’t been altered.

fissaggio di Windows 7 i file di sistema

Appunto: Before starting make sure you have run a disk scan with chkdsk /f /r

I tried running the Uva acerba strumento (aka the System Update Readiness Tool KB947821) but gave up with it after several hours as there was clearly significant corruption somewhere. Invece ho installato KB2966583 which installed quickly and allowed me to use the DISM tool to log and repair any corruption of system files. Uva acerba is basically just a wrapper for DISM with no visual feedback so using DISM manually is preferable.

After using the CheckSUR log (%WINDIR% Logs CBS CheckSUR.log) I was able to identify a large number of corrupt update files that needed to be repaired. This is easier to do via a bit of manipulation in notepad and then excel

  • apri il file nel blocco note
  • delete everything at the top of the file down to and inc “Checking Packages”
  • delete everything at the bottom of the file from “Checking Component Store” and downwards
  • fare una ricerca per sostituire quanto segue
    • (f)CBS MUM Missing0x00000002servicing\Packages\Package_” -> “” (i.e. vuoto)
    • _” -> “,” (underscore to comma)
    • ~” -> “,” (tilde al comma)
  • Salvare il file come CSV
  • Apri in excel
  • Ordina per colonna A
  • Delete all rows starting with (aggiustare)
  • Re-ordina per colonna C (che è l'unica colonna di interesse ora)
  • Ci possono essere un sacco di voci di ripetizione della colonna C. simply remove all duplicates so there is just 1 voce per ogni KB numero
  • Questo è l'elenco degli aggiornamenti che devi scaricare

Once you’ve got the list of needed updates

  • Check which version of windows you are runningx64 or x86
  • Download the packages from the microsoft update catalog or use google for the few that aren’t listed on the update catalog. Make sure you download the updates for the correct OS: finestre 7, 64bit o 32 bit.
  • Individuare %SYSTEMROOT%\CheckSUR\ and create a folder calledpackagesif it doesn’t already exist
  • copiare i file con estensione msu in %SYSTEMROOT%\CheckSUR\packages\
  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • correre DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scanhealth
  • When it has finished check the CheckSUR log again
  • repeat the process with additional updates if needed
  • quando DISM è felice, correre sfc /scannow

Once this is complete your windows 7 dovrebbe essere completamente risolto, ma come i miei esempio mostra, non ci può chiaramente essere ancora alcuni problemi in alcuni casi. If I had to guess the issue at this point is likely to be with permissions or possibly with the registry. This process should at least fix windows updates.

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