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0Значок обновления WindowsОкна 7 к 10 Обновление 0x8007001f ошибка

Я недавно был пытаюсь обновить Windows, 7 PC в ОС Windows 10 но после нескольких перезагрузок окон 10 установка терпела неудачу с ошибкой “The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during REPLACE_OC operationwith code 0x8007001f – 0x20006.


I’ll start with the eventual fix that worked, but below I will also include the instructions for repairing Windows 7 system files as these may also be useful in other circumstances, although they I didn’t manage to fix my problem with them on this occasion.

The actual “исправление” was simple. I did an “Обновить” install of the existing Windows 7 SP1 к…. Окна 7 SP1! This is basically a repair install. You need a Windows 7 SP1 ISO which matches the version of windows installed. Распакуйте его в папку, а затем запустить программу установки. You will get the option to keep all existing files which you must select. Once the repair install is successful you can run the windows 10 upgrade and if you’re lucky like I was it will then complete successfully.

Окна 7 ISO все еще может быть downloaded from Microsoft (which is obviously much safer than from 3rd party sites) but you will need a legitimate розничная торговля ключ (не OEM ключ к сожалению) сделать это. If you are forced to resort to unofficial sources please make sure you check the hash of the file to ensure it hasn’t been altered.

Закрепление Окна 7 системные файлы

Примечание: Before starting make sure you have run a disk scan with chkdsk /f /r

I tried running the Кислый виноград инструмент (aka the System Update Readiness Tool KB947821) but gave up with it after several hours as there was clearly significant corruption somewhere. Вместо этого я установил KB2966583 which installed quickly and allowed me to use the DISM tool to log and repair any corruption of system files. Кислый виноград is basically just a wrapper for DISM with no visual feedback so using DISM manually is preferable.

After using the CheckSUR log (%WINDIR% Logs CBS CheckSUR.log) I was able to identify a large number of corrupt update files that needed to be repaired. This is easier to do via a bit of manipulation in notepad and then excel

  • открыть файл в блокноте
  • delete everything at the top of the file down to and inc “Checking Packages”
  • delete everything at the bottom of the file from “Checking Component Store” and downwards
  • выполните поиск и замените следующее
    • (f)CBS MUM Missing0x00000002servicing\Packages\Package_” -> “” (i.e. пустой)
    • _” -> “,” (underscore to comma)
    • ~” -> “,” (тильда с запятой)
  • Сохраните файл в формате CSV
  • Открыть в Excel
  • Сортировка по колонке А
  • Delete all rows starting with (исправление)
  • Re-сортировку по колонке C (который является единственным столбцом интереса в настоящее время)
  • Там может быть много повторяющихся записей в столбце C. simply remove all duplicates so there is just 1 вход для каждого КБ число
  • Это список обновлений, которые вам нужно скачать

Once you’ve got the list of needed updates

  • Check which version of windows you are runningx64 or x86
  • Download the packages from the microsoft update catalog or use google for the few that aren’t listed on the update catalog. Make sure you download the updates for the correct OS: окна 7, 64бит или 32-битный.
  • Перейдите %SYSTEMROOT%\CheckSUR\ and create a folder calledpackagesif it doesn’t already exist
  • скопировать файлы MSU-в %SYSTEMROOT%\CheckSUR\packages\
  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • бег DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scanhealth
  • When it has finished check the CheckSUR log again
  • repeat the process with additional updates if needed
  • когда DISM счастлив, бег sfc /scannow

Once this is complete your windows 7 должны быть полностью фиксированной, но, как мой пример показывает,, там явно все еще может быть некоторые проблемы в некоторых случаях. If I had to guess the issue at this point is likely to be with permissions or possibly with the registry. This process should at least fix windows updates.

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