0Asus E35M1-I luxe Wi-Fi AMD Fusion Mini-ITX MotherboardCorrigindo problemas de estabilidade com a Asus E35M1-M Pro

A base da minha principal HTPC é um AMD E350 Brazos sob a forma de um Asus E35M1-M Pro. Eu tinha um monte de problemas com o sistema quando eu construí-lo primeiro, que foram causados ​​por problemas com a unidade de armazenamento Seagate Momentus XT eu usei. Estes foram fixados já há muito tempo através de atualização de firmware da Seagate, e desde então o sistema foi amplamente trabalhado sem qualquer problema.

Sobre 6 months ago the system started to exhibit problems again, occasionally crashing and failing to find the boot device, other times becoming sluggish even with under no CPU uso. These instances were rare enough that I ignored them as I plan to upgrade the system in the next year or so anyway. Na última 6 weeks or so however the problems got much worse with daily crashing. This was problematic enough to prevent reliable recording of programmes and so I had to do something. My initial thought was that there was probably still some kind of freak incompatibility between the system and the momentus XT drive, but whilst waiting for a new SSD drive I decided to give the all-in-one motherboard some TLC. To my surprise I hadn’treplaced the stock thermal compound material under the heatsink for CPU/GPU/Chipset. I removed the heatsink and cleaned off all the old compound with some ArctiClean (if you don’t have any I highly recommend it!). I then used some Diamond-7 compound and replaced the heatsink. Finalmente, I ripped theasuslogo off the top of the heatsink, as this appeared to me to simply restrict all natural upward airflow fro the middle of the heatsinkreducing it’s efficiency significantly. I then restored the board to the system and reconnected everything. To my pleasure it booted up correctly, the only mistake I’d made was to plug the front and rear speakers in the wrong way round.

Since then I’ve not had a single crash or funny behaviourhere’s hoping the problem was a heat issue caused by badly applied cheap thermalgunk”. If you’re having Stability issues with any PC system it’s always worth reconnecting all the connections to the motherboard, and replacing any thermal compound that shipped with the system.

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