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4LG Viewty KU990i LogoPC Suite لإل جي لايت KU990i

One of my family owns an LG Viewty Lite KU990i (مذكرة: the original Viewty is a KU990 which includes a stylus that the Lite ‘iversion lacks) and asked for my assistance in connecting it to their PC. The problem is that LG seem to support the KU990, ولكن ليس KU990i. The phone was not supplied with any software or cable, but my family member had obtained a cable in the expectation of downloading the software from LG. Apparently this is too much to ask. The KU990 was apparently provided with LG PC Suite version 2, and I found various posts around the net stating that LG had said that version 2 ستعمل أيضا مع 990i, ومع ذلك, despite obtaining a copy of LG PC Suite 2 I was unable to communicate with the phone successfully. Eventually I was led to try LG PC Suite 3, and with some fiddling was eventually able to get communication working.

1. Download LG PC Suite 3 من وجهة نظرنا التنزيلات صفحة, أو RapidShare (v3.1.19) أو RapidShare (v3.1.20)
* Thanks to the anonymous poster on Phil Puttock’s weblog for the original MegaUpload link.
* The original MegaUpload link was lost when MegaUpload was shutdown in Jan-2012we’ve located 2 RapidShare links instead.
* بفضل كريس (انظر التعليقات أدناه) for confirming that the new RapidShare link for version 3.1.20 أعمال.
* We have mirrored both versions on our التنزيلات صفحة.
2. تثبيت برنامج PC Suite, تشغيله, ندعه كشف التحديث, وتثبيت التحديث
3. تشغيل الهاتف, connect the cable to the phone
4. Connect the cable to the PC and wait for the drivers to install
5. IMPORTANTLoad LG PC Suite, but before clicking on any of the options (e.g. manage contacts or view messages) تأكد من وجود الهاتف في, with nothing running, في الشاشة الرئيسية, وغير مؤمن أو مع شاشة التوقف. الهاتف كنت تستخدم السيارات أقفال بعد فترة قصيرة جدا وعندما تخوض يسبب خطأ في برنامج PC Suite. Once PC Suite has communicated successfully for the first time it seems to work regardless of the phone being locked from then on
6. قد تحتاج إلى تغيير USB mode in the phone settingsit should be in “الخدمات” mode notusb storage” الوضع.

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