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4LG Viewty KU990i علامتLG Viewty واپس موضوع KU990i کے لئے پی سی سویٹ

One of my fam­ily owns an LG Viewty Lite KU990i (بات کو نوٹ کیجیئے: the ori­gin­al Viewty is a KU990 which includes a stylus that the Lite ‘i’ ver­sion lacks) and asked for my assist­ance in con­nect­ing it to their PC. The prob­lem is that LG seem to sup­port the KU990, لیکن نہیں KU990i. The phone was not sup­plied with any soft­ware or cable, but my fam­ily mem­ber had obtained a cable in the expect­a­tion of down­load­ing the soft­ware from LG. Appar­ently this is too much to ask. The KU990 was appar­ently provided with LG PC Suite ver­sion 2, and I found vari­ous posts around the net stat­ing that LG had said that ver­sion 2 بھی 990i کے ساتھ کام کریں گے, how­ever, des­pite obtain­ing a copy of LG PC Suite 2 I was unable to com­mu­nic­ate with the phone suc­cess­fully. Even­tu­ally I was led to try LG PC Suite 3, and with some fid­dling was even­tu­ally able to get com­mu­nic­a­tion work­ing.

1. Down­load LG PC Suite 3 from ourDown­loads صفحہ, یا Rap­id­Share (v3.1.19) یا Rap­id­Share (v3.1.20)
     * Thanks to the anonym­ous poster on Phil Put­tock­’s web­log for the ori­gin­al MegaUp­load link.
     * The ori­gin­al MegaUp­load link was lost when MegaUp­load was shut­down in Jan-2012 — we’ve loc­ated 2 Rap­id­Share links instead.
     * Thanks to Chris (ذیل COM-ments دیکھ) for con­firm­ing that the new Rap­id­Share link for ver­sion 3.1.20 works.
     * We have mirrored both ver­sions on our نیچے بوجھ صفحہ.
2. Install PC Suite, اس کو چلانے کے, let it detect the update, and install the update
3. Turn the phone on, con­nect the cable to the phone
4. Con­nect the cable to the PC and wait for the drivers to install
5. IMPORTANT — Load LG PC Suite, but before click­ing on any of the options (مثلا. man­age con­tacts or view mes­sages) make sure the phone is on, with noth­ing run­ning, at the main screen, and NOT locked or with a screen-saver. The phone I was using auto-locks after a very short peri­od and when locked causes an error in PC Suite. Once PC Suite has com­mu­nic­ated suc­cess­fully for the first time it seems to work regard­less of the phone being locked from then on
6. You may need to change the یوایسبی mode in the phone set­tings — it should be in “ser­vice” mode not “usb stor­age” mode.

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