0Nexus RealSilent 120 橙色风扇徽标稳定性问题

我一直有一些稳定性问题我 HTPC 最近. A rein­stall did­n’t help so I con­cluded it was hard­ware. Remov­ing all non essen­tials did­n’t help either so I figured it must be CPU, 内存或主板相关. 没有什么是超频或调整了其所有的相当近期的名牌包. 我压力测试的 CPU 和内存没有喧嚣-ING要么失败, but I con­tin­ued to get occa­sion­al lockups and inter­mit­tent slug­gish performance.

Now because this is a htpc, it is in a smallish case with low air­flow. It has 2 120mm fans but they’re con­trolled based on CPU temp and are usu­ally off due to low CPU usage com­bined with the huge Scythe Ninja heat­sink. I knew the CPU was­n’t over­heat­ing but thought i’d check the gpu (A pass­ive Radeon 5450) and hdd, which is in a sus­pen­sion mount­ing which reduces the cool­ing it receives.

怎么然而无论硬盘和GPU都是勉强微温. 在这个过程中,我碰巧赶上我的手就相当可观芯片组散热器 (下面的照片中标记为“千兆字节”). 哎哟! I had­n’t real­ised that even with the sub­stan­tial cool­er the chip­set required or expec­ted some act­ive cool­ing from the nearby CPU sock­et. 我没有粉丝DIR-ectly上 CPU 散热器 (你可以看到下面的) and the air­flow over the chip­set clearly was­n’t suf­fi­cient. 我原本粉丝排列吹空调出的情况下, but decided to try a small rearrange­ment — revers­ing them and frac­tion­ally increas­ing their min­im­um speed. Pos­it­ive case pres­sure is gen­er­ally 良好的实践中 任何路, and this way air is forced past the heat­sink to exit the case. This small change seems to have done the trick.
Mor­al of the story: 最近的一些(ISH) 芯片组 (e.g. 英特尔系列 4 芯片组) 需要的reas上,能够气流 (或散热器升级 - E.G. 热右人力资源-05 这是现在在我店平列表).  It may also be a good idea to upgrade the thermal goop sup­plied with a high qual­ity com­pound. I recom­mend 集成电路 7 金刚石,如果你不能.
最后要注意的 - 在我的情况下,同伴南桥, 一个微小的“散热器”, (CEN-TER底部有图像) was only medi­um-warm and clearly does­n’t require any changes.

Overheating Heatsink on P35 Gigabyte motherboard causes problems

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