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0मीडिया ब्राउज़र लोगोTweaking Media Browser Performance again

Last year I pos­ted about improv­ing the per­form­ance of Media BrowserIn the end that attempt yiel­ded dis­ap­point­ing res­ults. How­ever, I’ve recently been exper­i­ment­ing with vari­ous ways of improv­ing per­form­ance as my lib­rary size increases.
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0पीसी हार्डवेयर सीपीयू राम का उन्नयनसरल तरीके से अपने पीसी बहुत तेजी से बनाने के लिए

There are lots of tips and advice out there on the inter­net about how to tweak the per­form­ance of your PC. Some of them have some use­ful tips, but the vast major­ity are of very little use, either because they are for the wrong oper­at­ing sys­tem, or they don’t apply to your setup, or because they’re just plain wrong. When someone brings a PC to me and says its too slow, before I advise them to upgrade it (and that is always an option) I have a quick look for sev­er­al things that are the lead­ing cause of slow PC per­form­ance. ओवर 90% of the time car­ry­ing out the vari­ous steps detailed below res­ults in a sub­stan­tial improve­ment and a happy PC user.
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0अंदर HDD लोगोतेज मीडिया ब्राउज़र

Hack7MC पर एक लेख मेरी आँखों दो महीने पहले पकड़ा, लेकिन मैं सिर्फ इस पर निम्नलिखित के लिए चारों ओर मिला है. विचार एक सस्ते के लिए अपने पुस्तकालय को ले जाकर मीडिया केंद्र के लिए मीडिया ब्राउज़र प्लगइन तेजी लाने के लिए है यूएसबी फ्लैश ड्राइव, जो उम्मीद है कि सामान्य हार्ड डिस्क ड्राइव की तुलना में बेहतर प्रदर्शन प्रदान करता है. The first thing I did was test a couple of flash-based devices that I have against my desktop HardDrive…
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1विंडोज मीडिया केंद्र eHome लोगोSpeeding up WMP12 & 7MC media library database

One of the prob­lems with my HTPC that I have only just star­ted look­ing at is how to use it to play and man­age my large col­lec­tion of audio सीडी’s which I have painstak­ingly ripped to FLACके. The Xiph codecs (see pre­vi­ous art­icles यहां तथा यहां) make it pos­sible to play FLACs in 64bit media cen­ter, but the media lib­rary was incred­ibly slow.
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