DIY मीडिया होम लोगो

अपनी खुद की होम थिएटर और हाय-Fi सेटअप डिजाइन और बनाने के लिए परम साइट.

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0Yahama DSP-E800 Logoअपने पीसी से उच्च अंत ध्वनि हो रही

कई लोगों के लिए, वहाँ या तो ध्वनि या कोई आवाज है, the qual­ity does­n’t really come into it. For oth­ers, spe­cific­a­tion and brag­ging rights rule: बिट दर, sampling fre­quen­cies, band­width, power hand­ling. For many a simple set of pc speak­ers will do very nicely, espe­cially if there are 6 या उनमें से अधिक (more is bet­ter, सही?)  But what do you do if you want awe­some sound from your com­puterWhat do you do if you are an audi­o­phile on a budgetWhat if you play games and want sur­round sound but play music through the same sys­temThere are many choices and this could get very expens­ive and com­plex, but it does­n’t have to.

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