0Windowsの 8 ロゴもっとWDSエラーが解決します

WDSは、実際にはかなり無愛想なシステムであり、. 不格好, 手間のかかります, 有用なエラー情報なしとなりやすいOT失敗. 私の無人ファイルの一部を更新した後、私はもはや無人インストールを実行することができませんでした, しかし、最終的には誤解を招くエラーのシリーズを解決しました

私は、少なくとも持っていました 3 dif­fer­ent errors, 関連しているように見えるすべてが. I am using my WDS serv­er without a domain, but as I want to use mul­tiple images (ウィンドウズ 7 そして、窓 10) and I want them to be unat­ten­ded, I need mul­tiple unat­tend files.

There is an unat­tend file for the PXE boot stage which sets things like par­ti­tions, そして私は、私がインストールしたい画像を選択した場合. This is linked to the WDS serv­er to make it work with the PXE boot. There have been no prob­lems with this part. This file gets named autounattend.xml after you have linked it to the serv­er

Then each image has an unat­tend file which gets renamed to ImageUnattend.xml and gets put inside the appro­pri­ate image folder. This is where I hit prob­lems.

Sev­er­al key things before you start which will help reduce prob­lems.

1. Do not edit the files in the loc­a­tions the serv­er puts them. keep a copy some­where else, そのコピーを編集, and then relink them to the serv­er through the WDS inter­face
2. Restart the WDS serv­er after relink­ing the unat­tend files
3. Think about the per­mis­sions on the RemoteIn­stall share — by default these may not work for non-domain sys­tems. 私は私を変更しなければなりませんでした

Des­pite hav­ing done all of these things I still got a couple of errors. The first was that my second unat­tend file just seemed to be com­pletely ignored! 私は、ログファイルに見て、エラーを検出しました Failed to process client unattend variables. Error code [0x8007000D]. I assumed this was caused by a mis­con­fig­ur­a­tion some­where, but after gen­er­at­ing a new unat­tend file with Win­dows Answer File Gen­er­at­or (an online ser­vice) I then got a new error that setup couldn’t con­tin­ue due to a prob­lem with the answer file. So des­pite the error logs indic­at­ing that my unat­tend file couldn’t be accessed at all, それは、実際にアクセスすることができ, so the fault must have been with the con­tents of the file.

だから私は今、持っていました 2 ファイル, どちらも働いていません, but both had dif­fer­ent errors!

I went back to my ori­gin­al file and remove some of the con­tent and tried again. 出来た! A copy of that file is at the bot­tom of this post.

I now had to fig­ure out what the prob­lem was with my ori­gin­al 2 files…

The easi­est of the 2 was the file gen­er­ated by the online ser­vice. これは、プロダクトキーが含まれて, but the product key must be a tri­al key for a retail or oem ver­sion of win­dows 7, and the ver­sion I have uses a MAK key. Make sure you change the product key if you use an answer file from the online gen­er­at­or

The issue with my ori­gin­al file were some com­ments that had been put in it. I don’t know how or when they got there but once removed it worked as expec­ted so make sure you don’t have any com­ments in your file.

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