0DVB LogicPianificazione di una nuova installazione multimediale di casa in rete

Nei prossimi mesi mi sarà l'acquisto di una nuova proprietà, e di andare con la mia nuova casa, Ho letto molto su come potrei integrare una nuova configurazione multimediale domestica. Ho letto molto su come potrei integrare una nuova configurazione multimediale domestica, che alla fine rende il tipo di messa a punto ho sempre desiderato una possibilità reale.

Currently, Ho 1 HTPC che vive sotto il salotto TV and contains a BlackGold twin freeview-HD tuner. Upstairs in the attic I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 server which contains a RAID card and approx 8Tb of storage. Il HTPC is responsible for recording TV, whilst the server contains various media and document libraries. The server runs 24.7, wheras la HTPC sleeps unless we are watching or recording TV. We also have a bedroom TV with built-in freeview which isn’t connected to the media-network.

Whilst this system is fine, and has served me well for a number of years, Vorrei trovare modi per eseguire anche le seguenti operazioni

  • Manage TV recordings from my android phone, o via web.
  • Store the recorded TV on the server automatically, piuttosto che sul HTPC.
  • registrare il TV in a way that makes it accessible on other platforms or devices (i.e. non in formato WTV)
  • Hook the bedroom TV into the network, so recorded TV and all my stored media can be watched in the bedroommost likely by putting a second HTPC in camera da letto.
  • Effettuare, eseguire TV recording on the server, così la HTPC disattivabile, piuttosto che lasciato in stand-by, and also so that it can be smaller, abbassare alimentato, e più silenzioso.
  • Replace the storage system in my server, which currently uses hardware raid, che, pur veloce, can only be expanded up to 8 unità, which proves very costly when it comes time to replace the whole array. I also have problems, documented on another article, where the raid array drops drives because the card expects enterprise class drives, e unità per desktop non hanno TLER / CCTL abilitato.

My server already has multiple roles, including web and FTP servers as well as metadata management and automated downloading of various media (per esempio. podcasts). It runs windows, and many of the apps I run on it are windows only. I can easily put the TV carte che ho in essa, but Media Center isn’t available on Windows Server 2008. Due to the server roles I use it for, I don’t want to replace Server 2008 R2 with Windows 7 (which does include Media Center) so a solution which provides TV recording without Media Centrer would be ideal. This would also address the problem of recorded files being in WTV format, which isn’t very compatible with other devices or platforms. The second issue I have is that I would like to operate a software-based raid-like storage system which is much more flexible and expandable than hardware-raid. The best solution for this is UnRAID, but sadly this is a standalone solution, and wont run under Windows (without messy things like virtual machines which are too risky for the importance of my data).

The first possibility I have identified for my storage needs is FlexRAID. This is an UnRAID like system which runs on top of Windows. It is still currently in development, and various parts are either alpha or beta, but it appears to offer all the features I want, and is being actively developed and supported. I will be playing around with it in the upcoming weeks.

The solution to the remaining issues is (hopefully) all in 1. DVBLogic’s DVBLink Connect Server provides a centralised server recording system which shares TV cards via network to Media Center, Androide, Boxee, DLNA devices and more. It enables pooled-recording for Media Center, watching TV su dispositivi mobili (Windows Phone 7, Androide, IOS), and remote management of recordings via web or mobile. It will run on the server which can contain TV carte, and store recorded TV along with all other media. Unsurprisingly it isn’t free, but given the feature list (and maturity) il prezzo di 21 € è molto ragionevole!

New Media Home Setup

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