0DVB LogicPlanejando uma nova configuração de mídia de rede em casa

Nos próximos meses, será a compra de um novo imóvel, e para ir com a minha nova casa, Eu estive lendo lotes em como eu poderia integrar uma nova configuração de home media. Nos últimos meses várias excitantes novas opções tornaram-se disponíveis, o que finalmente faz com que o tipo de configuração que eu sempre desejou uma possibilidade real.

Cur­rently, Eu tenho 1 HTPC que vive sob o salão TV and con­tains a Black­Gold twin freeview-HD tuner. Upstairs in the attic I have a Win­dows Serv­er 2008 R2 serv­er which con­tains a RAID card and approx 8Tb of stor­age. The HTPC is respons­ible for record­ing TV, whilst the serv­er con­tains vari­ous media and doc­u­ment lib­rar­ies. The serv­er runs 24.7, wheras o HTPC sleeps unless we are watch­ing or record­ing TVWe also have a bed­room TV with built-in freeview which isn’t con­nec­ted to the media-network.

Whilst this sys­tem is fine, and has served me well for a num­ber of years, Gostaria de encontrar maneiras de também fazer o seguinte

  • Man­age TV record­ings from my android phone, ou através da web.
  • Store the recor­ded TV on the serv­er auto­mat­ic­ally, em vez de na HTPC.
  • Grave o TV in a way that makes it access­ible on oth­er plat­forms or devices (i. não em formato WTV)
  • Hook the bed­room TV into the net­work, so recor­ded TV and all my stored media can be watched in the bed­room — most likely by put­ting a second HTPC para o quarto.
  • Executar TV record­ing on the serv­er, então o HTPC pode ser desligado, ao invés de esquerda em modo de espera, and also so that it can be smal­ler, inferior motorizado, e mais silencioso.
  • Replace the stor­age sys­tem in my serv­er, which cur­rently uses hard­ware raid, enquanto que rápido, can only be expan­ded up to 8 unidades, which proves very costly when it comes time to replace the whole array. I also have prob­lems, doc­u­mented on anoth­er art­icle, where the raid array drops drives because the card expects enter­prise class drives, e unidades desktop não tem TLER / CCTL habilitado.

My serv­er already has mul­tiple roles, includ­ing web and FTP serv­ers as well as metadata man­age­ment and auto­mated down­load­ing of vari­ous media (por exemplo. pod­casts).  It runs win­dows, and many of the apps I run on it are win­dows only. I can eas­ily put the TV cartões eu tenho nele, but Media Cen­ter isn’t avail­able on Win­dows Serv­er 2008. Due to the serv­er roles I use it for, I don’t want to replace Serv­er 2008 R2 with Win­dows 7 (which does include Media Cen­ter) so a solu­tion which provides TV record­ing without Media Centrer would be ideal. This would also address the prob­lem of recor­ded files being in WTV format, which isn’t very com­pat­ible with oth­er devices or plat­forms. The second issue I have is that I would like to oper­ate a soft­ware-based raid-like stor­age sys­tem which is much more flex­ible and expand­able than hard­ware-raid. The best solu­tion for this is UnRAID, but sadly this is a stan­dalone solu­tion, and wont run under Win­dows (without messy things like vir­tu­al machines which are too risky for the import­ance of my data).

The first pos­sib­il­ity I have iden­ti­fied for my stor­age needs is FlexRAIDThis is an UnRAID like sys­tem which runs on top of Win­dows. It is still cur­rently in devel­op­ment, and vari­ous parts are either alpha or beta, but it appears to offer all the fea­tures I want, and is being act­ively developed and sup­por­ted. I will be play­ing around with it in the upcom­ing weeks.

The solu­tion to the remain­ing issues is (hope­fully) all in 1. DVB­Lo­gic’s DVBLink Con­nect Serv­er provides a cent­ral­ised serv­er record­ing sys­tem which shares TV cards via net­work to Media Cen­ter, Andróide, Boxee, DLNA devices and more. It enables pooled-record­ing for Media Cen­ter, watch­ing TV em dispositivos móveis (Win­dows Phone 7, Andróide, IOS), and remote man­age­ment of record­ings via web or mobile. It will run on the serv­er which can con­tain TV cartões, and store recor­ded TV along with all oth­er media. Unsur­pris­ingly it isn’t free, but giv­en the fea­ture list (and matur­ity) o preço de 21 € é muito razoável!

New Media Home Setup

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