0Windowsの 8 ロゴネットワーク共有を作成し、名前を付けるためのスクリプト

When updat­ing or repla­cing a home PC I use Win­dows Deploy­ment Ser­vices (WDS) to rein­stall Win­dows. It means I only have to main­tain a single up-to-date source for all the little free apps I use (火狐, 7ZIP, カタログ, 等) and makes a new setup much more pain­less. One of the few bugs that has irrit­ated me for ages is the net­work drive map that I cre­ate has always had to be renamed manu­ally.

I think the prob­lem stems from the need for admin rights when renam­ing a drive. Whilst I can run the rename com­mand as an admin­is­trat­or this seems to fail as the share isn’t present for the admin account, ユーザーアカウントに対してのみ. What I would need to do is run the com­mand as the user and then elev­ate it. I don’t know of any script­ing way to do this, so the nor­mal rename com­mand seems a dead loss.

良いニュースは、レジストリを経由して名前の変更を行う方法があるということです, and registry changes can eas­ily be made from the com­mand line. 共有をマップし、名前を変更するには、単に必要です 2 com­mands

REG追加します。HKCU Software Microsoft Windowsの CurrentVersionの Explorerの MountPoints2 ##serv­er-name#共有名 /v _LabelFromReg /t REG_SZ /f /d “共有に使用する名前

ネット利用のy: \\serv­er-name\共有名 /ユーザー:serv­er-name\ユーザ名 パスワード /持続的:はい

This can be put in a simple batch file and duplic­ate for each share you want to map. Viola — no more ugly names for net­work shares

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