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I’ve had a very long standing problem where mapped drives on Windows PCs are shown as disconnected after a PC wakes from sleep or after a reboot. Clicking to open the drive results in a delay of several seconds and then the share opens. I had this problem with Windows 7 right through to Windows 10 1909. Heute, thanks to a different issue, Ich knackte schließlich.

The problem is caused by Microsoft’s out-dated NetBIOS name resolution system. Ich (wie die meisten Leute) map drives to the name of the target server, und mit “shortnames” (d.h.. Namen ohne Domain nach ihnen) it seems like Windows tries to resolve the name with something other than DNS.

I discovered that disabling NetBIOS manually (siehe wie unten) meant that network drives were connected correctly after a reboot. I realised that if I could disable NetBIOS via DHCP i could fix all the PCs on my network with very little trouble. Ich habe das getestet (instructions below) und war wieder erfolgreich!

Manuelles Deaktivieren

  • right click on the networking icon in the system tray
  • Open Network & Internet Settings
  • Change Adapter Options
  • Right click on the relevant connection and select properties
  • Double click onInternet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”
  • Klicken Sie auf “Fortgeschritten…”
  • Klicken Sie auf die “WINS” Tab
  • UntickEnable LMHOSTS Look-up
  • Select the radio box forDisable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
  • Reboot

Deaktivierung über DHCP

  • This will depend on your DHCP systemmine is a pfsense router
  • In der Option DHCP-Optionen festlegen 43
  • Auf meiner Pfsense-Box ist dies auf einen String mit dem Wert von gesetzt 01:04:00:00:00:02
  • On a sonicwall box I found the type was set tobytevalueand I had to use a slightly different format which was 0x01;0x04;0x00;0x00;0x00;0x02
  • In both instances we are effectively setting the same value which I believe is a hex. Beachten Sie, dass beide haben 6 “Bits” with the values 1,4,0,0,0,2. For different systems I found a quick google will provide the appropriate format
  • Delete the previous IP lease on the DHCP system, and then do anipconfig /release” “ipconfig /renew” (2 separate commands) auf dem Client

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