0ventanas 8 logorecursos compartidos de Windows que no están conectados después de despertar fijos

I’ve had a very long standing problem where mapped drives on Windows PCs are shown as disconnected after a PC wakes from sleep or after a reboot. Clicking to open the drive results in a delay of several seconds and then the share opens. I had this problem with Windows 7 right through to Windows 10 1909. Hoy, thanks to a different issue, Finalmente agrietado.

The problem is caused by Microsoft’s out-dated NetBIOS name resolution system. Yo (like most people) map drives to the name of the target server, and withshortnames” (es decir. names without a domain after them) it seems like Windows tries to resolve the name with something other than DNS.

I discovered that disabling NetBIOS manually (see how below) meant that network drives were connected correctly after a reboot. I realised that if I could disable NetBIOS via DHCP i could fix all the PCs on my network with very little trouble. I tested this (instructions below) and was again successful!

Manually disabling

  • right click on the networking icon in the system tray
  • Open Network & Internet Settings
  • Change Adapter Options
  • Right click on the relevant connection and select properties
  • Double click onInternet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
  • Hacer clic en “Avanzado…”
  • Haga clic en el “WINS” lengüeta
  • Desmarque “Enable LMHOSTS Look-up
  • Select the radio box forDisable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
  • Reiniciar

Disabling via DHCP

  • This will depend on your DHCP systemmine is a pfsense router
  • In the DHCP Options set option 43
  • On my pfsense box this is set to a string with a value of 01:04:00:00:00:02
  • On a sonicwall box I found the type was set tobytevalueand I had to use a slightly different format which was 0x01;0x04;0x00;0x00;0x00;0x02
  • In both instances we are effectively setting the same value which I believe is a hex. Notice that both have 6 “pedacitos” with the values 1,4,0,0,0,2. For different systems I found a quick google will provide the appropriate format
  • Delete the previous IP lease on the DHCP system, and then do anipconfig /release” “ipconfig /renew” (2 separate commands) on the client

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