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我一直试图理清一个巨大 (100+GB) 或者说,我已经内置了多年来的教学资源。之后,明显的步骤 (删除空, TEMP和重复的文件) 和排序的大文件 (e.g. 视频, 应用程序安装程序) 我留下了大量的办公文档。我慢慢地通过这些工作, 但很多都是 2003 甚至旧格式文件 - 一些老的字 6!  我每次打开这些文件时提示我输入各种安全警告之一。惠斯特这些可以被关闭 (见下文) 它是更安全离开他们, 我想所有的文件转换办公室 2007 (DOCX, XLSX等) 格式。批量转换肯定是要走的路.

There are sev­er­al advant­ages to con­ver­sion bey­ond the prob­lems with secur­ity warn­ings. Doc­u­ments saved in the new­er formats are sig­ni­fic­antly smal­ler, and as they are based on open formats, are much more com­pat­ible, e.g. with google docs and open office. This may prove very advant­age­ous in the future. I dis­covered that the size reduc­tion alone makes going to the trouble worth­while — first 220 word doc­u­ments i con­ver­ted were reduced from 63Mb to 25Mb. You may think sav­ing 175k per file isn’t worth­while, but if you have 110,000 档 (像我一样) you will save around 18Gb — a big sav­ing if you’re using a a USB Thumbdrive, older extern­al 硬盘 或者 固态硬盘 systemdrive.

Microsoft offer a util­ity called OFC to batch con­vert office doc­u­ments so this seemed the obvi­ous way to pro­ceed. OFC is part of the Microsoft Office Migra­tion Plan­ning Man­agerTo util­ise it fully you will also need to down­load the 办公室 2007 Com­pat­ib­il­ity Pack, which includes lots of file-format con­vert­ers. Install the com­pat­ib­il­ity pack first, then run the installer for the migra­tion plan­ning man­ager. You will be promp­ted to pick a loc­a­tion to extract to — I’d put it in your doc­u­ments or down­loads folder as it makes file edit­ing easier.

To run the con­vert­er you simply open the extrac­ted path, open the tools dir­ect­ory and run ofc.exe. How­ever, You wont achieve much this way as OFC does­n’t have a 图形用户界面 — it uses ini files. There will be an OFC.ini file included in the tools folder as an example. You will need to edit it — you can use note­pad or any text edit­or to do so.

There are actu­ally lots of options for con­fig­ur­ing ofc.ini, but I’m just inter­ested in con­vert­ing all the files in a par­tic­u­lar folder (and sub­folders) into new­er file formats. To do this make the fol­low­ing edits. This will owrk with path-depths up to 9 sub­folders deep — there seems to be a bug that pre­vents it work­ing bey­ond that.




Note — If you just want to dis­able secur­ity warn­ings (e.g. in word) then please refer to the help­ful instruc­tions provided by Microsoft.

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