0Backing up or copying the winamp media library database

I use Win­amp on mul­tiple PCs — even though it is old I really like the inter­face, the media lib­rary sys­tem, and the milk­drop 2 visu­al­isa­tions. The easi­est way to main­tain these vari­ous install­a­tions is to copy the data­base between the machines. This is actu­ally sur­pris­ingly easy to accom­plish

All of the win­amp set­tings and data­bases are stored in %AppData%\WinAmp\
The con­fig file for the media lib­rary is plugins\gen_ml.ini
The plugins\ml folder con­tains the media lib­rary data­base itself (primar­ily main.dat and main.idx)

A full list of all the key files is avail­able on the win­amp for­ums, which I have sum­mar­ised below (as Win­amp no longer seems sup­por­ted)

  • studio.nxf: mod­ern skin set­tings
  • winamp.bm: book­marks
  • winamp.q1: EQ Pre­sets
  • winamp.q2: Default EQ pre­set
  • gen_ml.ini: lib­rary views and playl­ists
  • recent.dat & recent.idx: his­tory
  • met***.vmd: loc­al lib­rary views
  • milk2.ini: milk­drop set­tings

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