0Backing up or copying the winamp media library database

I use Winamp on multiple PCs – even though it is old I really like the interface, the media library system, and the milkdrop 2 visualisations. The easiest way to maintain these various installations is to copy the database between the machines. This is actually surprisingly easy to accomplish

All of the winamp settings and databases are stored in %AppData%\WinAmp\
The config file for the media library is plugins\gen_ml.ini
The plugins\ml folder contains the media library database itself (primarily main.dat and main.idx)

A full list of all the key files is available on the winamp forums, which I have summarised below (as Winamp no longer seems supported)

  • studio.nxf: modern skin settings
  • winamp.bm: bookmarks
  • winamp.q1: EQ Presets
  • winamp.q2: Default EQ preset
  • gen_ml.ini: library views and playlists
  • recent.dat & recent.idx: history
  • met***.vmd: local library views
  • milk2.ini: milkdrop settings

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