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0Images by Name Studios LogoResurrected: Collaborative ImagesByName Project

With the sad loss of there no longer appears to be a home for the Collaborative ImagesByName Project (know as CiP or IBN at various times).  Whilst development on these seems to have halted some time back, the resources themselves are still substantial and will be sorely missed.  As I still had downloaded copies available, and couldn’t find them anywhere else of the net, I’ve decided to host them here so that others may continue to enjoy the previous hard work invested in creating them.

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0Media Browser LogoMedia Browser 2.5 (Hydra)

Today Media Browser 2.5 codename Hydra) was released right on schedule.

The most significant change is the rolling out of the (much faster) SQL database as standard for all installs.  There are various other performance enhancements and a fix for dropped network shares causing metadata refreshes.  There are a few other smaller but nice enhancements, like screensaver support.
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