0Localisation of Amazon Affiliates links

I occasionally reference products on my various websites, and usually link them to Amazon for anyone interested in buying them. A long time ago I used to link with an amazon affiliates link but never earned anything from it as my typical readership is well distributed around the world. Unfortunately Amazon don’t provide a way to redirect visitors to their local amazon site whilst retaining to affiliates payments. There are various solutions out there but all the ones I found had issues with them, so I developed my own…. Read Full Article

0Tips for new Kodi users

I’ve recently started the migration from 7MC to Kodi now that Media Center is no longer supported, and consequently many plugins for it are no longer being actively developed.

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0Windows Media Center eHome LogoWindows Media Center on Windows 10

With the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has officially killed off Windows Media Center. However, Windows Media Center was found in the early builds of Windows 10 and nothing fundamental to Windows 10 is incompatible with Media Center. This begs the question: Can Media Center be added in to Windows 10? The answer: yes!
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0DVB LogicFixed: DVBLink MCE Client first tune fail

One of my many HTPC clients has had a strange problem – the first time it is tuned into a channel it fails with the common (and meaningless) Play Ready error. Changing channel once always seems to bring it back to life however. After much digging around I finally found the very straightforward solution
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0Enable access to the c$ share on Windows 7 and newer

I have a range of HTPCs running windows around the house, which I largely administer via remote desktop. Occasionally it is useful to access the root of the C drive remotely. Windows has always catered for this by creating some default administrative shares, which are hidden. The C drive is accessed via \\remote-pc\c$ for example. In windows 7 I found I wasn’t able to access these shares by default as they have been restricted (understandably). I needed a way to make them accessible again.
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