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Known issues / work currently in progress

  • Update all old posts to use pre and code tags
  • Need to do some serious tag reorganisation – too many tags are in use
  • Rebuild all favicons etc
  • Tweak next and previous buttons on multipart pages, and customise their meta description and title for google
  • Fix all download page links to dropbox
  • Monitor progress of HTTP/3, QUIC, RusTLS, e-SNI, ECH, JPEG-XL


  • Adjusted styles to centre (vertically) gallery images
  • Re-did all custom image sizes to ensure there are responsive imagess available for maximum quality on hi-dpi screens
  • Enabled Avif images to improve page load times for modern browsers
  • Need to extend hi-dpi image work to the avatars


  • Adjusted styles to centre (vertically) the thumbnails in the popular sidebar
  • Replaced a number of images with SVGs and added custom functions to enable SVG’s and compress SVGs on upload
  • Enabled next-gen support in nginx (altho no wordpress plugins exist yet) thanks to UIdrafter guide



  • Updated Feature-Policy to Permissions-Policy, changed syntax and remove obsolete elements
  • moved several inline styles into the theme css
  • added as=”style” to preload
  • Remove inline script from comment form – use eventlistener instead
  • Fixed theme script file to use up to date jquery syntax
  • Simplified ad display js code
  • Fixed minification bug affecting popular posts widget
  • Fixed CSP bug preventing comment form working correctly
  • No SRI in use as the only external scripts in use don’t support a CORS header
  • Removed jquery-migrate js
  • Removed SRI plugin
  • Tweaked first-visit cookie to make it more secure
  • Finished replacement of tabber-tabs
  • Made CSP stricter – no more unsafe-inline scripts


  • Changed background transparency settings (used in this theme on other sites).
  • Created css to enable responsive images and iframes with aspect ratio respected.
  • Fixed minor visual issue with popular visit numbers.


  • Removed some excess JS from theme.
  • Removed jquery migrate by modifying plugin.
  • Added below fold styles to header preload.
  • Updated WPP plugin with new version that doesn’t have inline JS so everything now passes CSP
  • Started work to replace out-dated tabber-tabs plugin with much lighter code
  • Fully replaced wp-cron with system cron


  • Migrated to new VPS which is faster and more secure.
  • Fixed script error with ads.
  • Removed some inline CSS that can go in stylesheet. Waiting for fix for better comments plugin.
  • Added CSP report only on top of existing CSP to monitor other things that can be improved
  • Added form policy to CSP
  • Replaced outdated syntax highlighter plugin with new plugin


  • Added print CSS to remove widgets, header etc from printed pages.
  • Resolved and documented fix to WordPress updates progress.
  • Tweaked header code and filenames to make logo image display more intuitive.


  • Removed some unneeded html attributes to improve validation
  • Removed nginx helper plugin as it made updating posts take a long time. Nginx cache plugin can do the same thing


  • Removed errant CSS zoom setting
  • Disabled font-awesome in STCR plugin
  • Removed some unneccesary roles in HTML
  • Removed some old vendor specific css resets which don’t appear to be needed
  • Disabled WP Typography setting that generates inline CSS for Safari
  • Disabled WP Typography setting that generates extra javascript that isn’t needed


  • Content Security Policy breaks the wordpress visual editor button – fixed
  • Made all cookies secure
  • Tweaked and re-enabled content security policy


  • Tidied up CSS files so there are only unminified files to edit and these are auto minified and compressed
  • Simplified and tidied up ad loading code
  • Added check for tracking protection blocking ads
  • Made ads display a little neater
  • Added custom function to fix wordpress sending mail via SMTP so it no longer gets flagged as spam
  • InProgress: Fixing amazon product embeds have image blocked
  • InProgress: Social Login plugin too out of date to be useful
  • InProgress: Testing fix for wordpress updates not showing progress


  • Replace jquery 1 with jquery 3
  • Fixed bug in javascript code – replaced (window).load(function()) with (window).on(“load”, function())
  • Added lazyloading for images to save bandwidth for mobile visitors
  • Disabled ewww showing unresized images
  • Added SecurityPolicy header. Still need to check on inline javascript references and remove as many as possible.


  • Updated PHP
  • Fixed bug in syntax highlighter plugin, thanks to crunchify
  • Fixed a small number of minor issues thanks to health-check plugin
  • Removed legacy packages from server (libbrotli, apache, old php)
  • Made some changes to caching on server: removed apc; enabled opcache and redis


  • Removed pointless type attribute from script and style tags.
  • Removed incorrect async from inline script.
  • Removed unneeded gutenberg css.
  • Tweaks plugin css removal priority.
  • Turned the static gzip and brotli script into a service with info from stackexchange


  • Enabled tcp fastopen.
  • Enabled reuseport.
  • Added server push for first time visitors, using a cookie to check if visitor has been before.


  • Switched jquery back to local version. Acually faster overall, avoids compatibility issues, and prevents google using it as a tracking tool.
  • Confirmed previous fix to plugin updates is working well.
  • Removed script async and defer for editors – functionality is more important than speed for editors
  • Fixed bug with comment email verification on line 205 – made function static


  • Fixed issue with CORS blocking access to google recaptcha (SRI plugin also adds crossorigin=”anonymous” which is a problem. Tweaked plugin and excluded recaptcha in case it comes back)


  • Removed confusing (and outdated) Pragma header
  • Fixed code injection bug in “Subscribe to comments reloaded” by properly sanitising email
  • Fixed bug in 404 page and added additional CSRF protection
  • Tweaked server to make sure extra headers are always added, including to 40x responses


  • Added nonce to 404 submission field to prevent CSRF attack
  • Don’t cache robots.txt
  • Update to WordPress 5


  • Security headers added
  • Extra wordpress hardening with Sucuri
  • Return 444 for xml-rpc, readme.html, license.txt, and php files in sub folders
  • Fixed some php warnings from newer version (needed ‘ marks around variables)
  • Blocked User enumeration using the REST API
  • Added cookie settings to php to reduce CSRF risks


  • Finished enabling all features from October
  • Removed server header information
  • Updated to PHP 7.2
  • Switched to lossy PNG compression to enhance site speed
  • Started addition of security headers (see SecurityHeaders.com)


  • Switch DNS providers to increase speed and enable new features (DNSSEC)
  • Enable use of wildcard certificate for all subdomains
  • Enable dual certificates (ECDSA and RSA) via certbot and acme.sh. See here


  • Enabled TLS v1.3 via nginx-more
  • Enabled blocking of brute force login attempts via nginx. See here for more
  • Removed login lockdown plugin as the above replaces it
  • TLS false start was already working so no need to configure TLS 1.3 for that
  • nginx doesn’t support 0-RTT yet, and there are possible security implications anyway
  • Fixed transposh to use en_GB by default (see “I am using the flag interface” on the transposh FAQ)
  • Fixed mixed content issue caused by “better recent comments” plugin by resetting all instances
  • Added 2-step authentication for added security and tidied up login screen


  • Replaced wordpress cheap-mans-cron with proper cronjobs to help site speed.
  • Fixed a couple of minor php bugs that were generating logs
  • Increased php workers as limit was being hit and plenty of memory spare


  • Added extra headers to prevent content loading in frames and XSS stuff
  • Enabled Certificate Transparency (without enforce at the moment)


  • Fixed commenting bug caused by file_get_contents being used by the captcha system.
  • Switched mail sending to use gmail smtp servers to avoid issues with spam, due to dmarc fails (as per this guide)


  • Moved several scripts to footer to help ensure they run after jquery


  • Updated gravatar cache function to use avatars from google as well.
  • jquery link uses integrity so can’t be preloaded at the moment, see this article


  • Added SRI reference for jquery
  • Will switch to nginx with dynamic modules once more repos are available – will then include pagespeed module along with existing brotli module already in use
  • TLSv1.3 support should automatically kick in once OpenSSL 1.1.1 becomes available as a package
  • Using a plugin to automatically optimise database to speed up page loads for non-cached resources
  • Removed unused database tables left by old plugins
  • Reconfigured and reoptimised caching and settings for both mysql and php (including php opcache)


  • Re-enabled preloading now that browsers support it with updated syntax
  • Will enable HTTP PUSH in April once nginx get support


  • Updated edit_custom_walker.php from the plugin “sweet custom menu” to fix php errors. Lines 18, 27 and 39 modified, based on the advice on this thread
  • Tweaked php-fpm configuration to increase max_packet_size
  • Upgraded PHP version to improve performance and security
  • Fixed various minor php warnings/errors to reduce php-fpm log writing
  • Tweaked config to limit number of post revisions


  • Upgraded nginx to support a range of new technologies
  • Reduced number of cipher suites supported to improve security, and to speed up TLS negotiation
  • Using brotli to create compressed brotli resources to speed up page loading
  • Compressing gzip resources using zopfli for smaller gzip compatible files
  • Tweaked DNS entries to add extra domains, remove unused domains, and remove email access to the old VPS IP address
  • Enabled DNS CAA records


  • Updated OpenSSL to enable support for ALPN
  • Added support for HSTS preloading
  • Ready for CAA record when Route53 supports it
  • No server push in nginx yet
  • Not enabling certificate transparency due to complexity


  • Set crayon syntax highlighter and social-login to defer instead of async to fix jquery issues
  • Tweaked HTML to fix 3 validation errors
  • Tweaked HTML to address a warning about suboptimal use of semantic sections
  • Fixed incorrect archive pages 7 search results page
  • Fixed problem with titles where input fields for yoast had somehow gained a hidden invalid character which was invalid
  • Fixed code surrounding social-network login buttons for comments, as the HTML was invalid
  • Fixed a code error in subscribe to comments reloaded which caused a validation error
  • Fixed opengraph validation error


  • Tweaked captcha recaptcha so it is only in use for non-logged in users
  • Fixed incorrect menu icons
  • Fixed styling of contact page
  • Removed related posts from contact page


  • Removed no captcha reCaptcha plugin and added system manually to comments – so it can be displayed only for non-logged in users


  • Added Google No Captcha reCaptcha to 404 submission form and contact form
  • Styled 404 submission form
  • Created site options key for the captcha keys etc
  • Dropped google analytics – it isn’t being used enough to justify the privacy invasion associated with it
  • No longer prefetching JS which is high in the head anyway – no benefit shown
  • Set head to get facebook app id, facebook admins and google publisher values from settings page rather than hardcoded


  • styled comment list
  • styled contact form


  • Finished tweaking menu style and positions
  • moved back to localcurrency from worldcurrency


  • Replaced comment e-mail verification with the new google no captcha recaptcha
  • Removed a couple more plugins
  • Fix Google ads still using non https script and called in the footer rather than async in the head


  • After 1 year of slow progress the site has been successfully migrated to a new VPS
  • New server uses secure-HTTP (TLS), SPDY and is HTTP2.0 ready
  • Ditched Varnish cache as it causes too many problems.
  • CSS and JS resources are pre-gzipped. Webserver only gzips html.
  • All page speed metrics are greatly improved
  • Rebuilt theme from ground up. Fewer requests are made, CSS is split into above and below fold. JS files are mostly async, but jquery ones are defer
  • Reduced number of plugins, some functionality has been built into theme
  • webp images are now served to chrome users to further improve site speed
  • Moved breadcrumbs to sidebar which is much tidier
  • Found much better ways to tweak the output of the plugins used to populate the sidebar. These are both clean and will survive plugin updates
  • Mobile PageSpeed score is now above 90.
  • Reduced image compression settings to ensure large images don’t timeout on upload
  • Added plugin JS to theme. All jquery dependent scripts work as they are deferred. Other scripts are asynced


  • Fixed prob­lem with com­ment email verification emails going to spam folders
  • Fixed slow VPS due to disk full
  • Updated downloads page
  • Upgrade to WordPress 4
  • Fixed backup failures


  • Added translation options into multiple languages
  • Customised the icons on the wordpress submenu


  • Restored related posts buttons.
  • Added sharing buttons to the sidebar.
  • Tweaked the way ad javascript works to speed up page loading.
  • PageSpeed score on homepage is now 99.  YSlow is 98.  On posts scores are 95 and 91.
  • Mobile pagespeed scores are 80 and 77.  Only suggestion would require rewriting CSS to use as little as possible.
  • Homepage loads in under 1 second.
  • After making changes it seems to work best if W3TC is disabled and re-enabled after everything else.
  • Restored custom 404 page and enhanced the style of it
  • Fixed relevanssi not updating index by deactivating and reactivating – search is now improved


  • Fixed various meta tags.  Code is still valid HTML5 and both facebook and twitter now validate opengraph tags.
  • Submitted request approval to twitter for twitter cards
  • Used custom function to generate excerpt since this can’t be done outside the loop using built-in functions anymore
  • Using custom design responsive google ads
  • Restored last paragraph on posts inviting people to comment


  • Updated VPS and tweaked settings to improve varnish performance


  • Fixed social login by tweaking varnish configuration to pass cookies and by tweaking nginx config to use the correct port.
  • Finally got cookie-free CDN working correctly with no problems
  • Modified social login to use CSS sprites.  Details are on the wordpress support site for social login


  • Removed WordPress Popular Posts now that Popular Widget can collect data and manage 2 instances.  Will reduce the amount of javascript and CSS required
  • Modified WP-Minify to put Javascript slightly lower in the header and enabled minifying of JS
  • Loading JQuery from google CDN as many users will probably have it cached, and CDNs are good anyway
  • Tweaked a few more rich snippet entries
  • PageSpeed score for homepage and normal pages is A rated for both desktop and mobile.  YSlow for homepage and posts on both desktop and mobile is a rated a B.


  • Fixed HTML5 error caused by wp-social-login inserting a <style> element.  Added the following to functions.php
  • Fixed alignment of wp-social-login icons by changing one of the settings to include some html code…
    </span></p><p class='text'>Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:</p><p class='none'><span>
  • Added previous styles for the comment form to make it look nice
  • Added lots of structured data, mostly schema.org microdata but also hAtom microformats and some RDFa for facebook and twitter


  • Upgrade to wordpress 3.7
  • Using wp-minify to combine and minify css and minify html
  • Modified google analytics code to limit it to primary domain and exclude subdomains ahead of enabling cookie free CDN


  • Custom code for caching gravatars locally – so no requests are made to the gravatar servers on page load, only on comment submit.  Gravatars are updated with a cron job
  • Fixed strange error with setting comment parent where existing value would be lost.  Had to use a database query instead of get_metadata()
  • Corrected my own e-mail address on some older comments, so it’s consistent for all comments I’ve made now
  • Tweaked responsive CSS so low res screens don’t get the menu images or the widgets
  • Re-added styling for comments by post authors.  Might change this to be by ‘users’

21-Oct-13 – New build of theme

  • New theme is responsive and mobile first so much better for mobile devices with small screens and lower bandwidth connections
  • Submitted wordpress feature request on trac to make strip_shortcodes accept an optional value .  If it’s accepted then will try to get popular-posts plugin updated to make use of it
  • New theme is built using LESS for CSS which should reduce the size of the CSS and enables it to be minimised out-of-the-box, rather than by a plugin
  • Tweaked the styles of all widgets so they have the same style
  • No hardcoded addresses in theme – using wordpress functions so theme can be used with other sites.
  • Replaced HTML comments with PHP comments which are automatically removed by the PHP processor, leading to smaller HTML files being sent to the browser
  • Updated some header code to provide better meta-data for facebook, twitter etc
  • Using built-in wordpress support for menu classes for styles, so changing menu order doesn’t mess up all the menu images
  • Returned to .ico for favicon as can have 16 and 32px images in it, and bigger aren’t really needed.  32px is high enough for HiDPI devices at the moment.  Also reduces number of png links in header – which reduces number of HTTP requests and removes a few hundred bytes of code
  • Using MicroData instead (or as well as) MicroFormats now that google, bing, yahoo etc have agreed on MicroData
  • Validates against HTML5 spec now it is finalised and not a moving target
  • A new colour scheme to freshen things up.
  • Properly organised and commented the various custom functions in functions.php
  • Tweaks are done mainly in functions.php instead of in each template file, so only 1 place has to be edited
  • Edit to Render.php of Ultimate Tag Cloud Widget to prevent it failing validation.  Just comment out lines 331-333.  Suggested option to developer.
  • Tweaked the widgets so they show shorter snippets and take up a bit less height
  • Replaced change to WordPress-Popular-Posts below with simpler mod which degrades more gracefully when plugin is updated. Used the built-in custom HTML facility and made 1 very simple edit to wordpress-popular-posts.php by adding an extra line…
    $thumb= get_the_post_thumbnail( url_to_postid($permalink), 'bones-thumb-40', array('class' => 'wpp-thumbnail') );
    <li><a href="{url}">{thumb}<b>{text_title}</b><br />{excerpt}</a></li>


  • Outgoing mail was fixed previously, date unlogged.  Needs confirmation though
  • Refixed WordPress-Popular-Posts to match style of Popular-Posts.  Only 1 edit required to wordpress-popular-posts.php line 1254

    $content .= "<li>{$thumb}<a href=\"{$permalink}\" title=\"{$title}\" class=\"wpp-post-title\" target=\"".$this->user_ops['tools']['link']['target']."\">{$title_sub}</a> {$excerpt}<span class=\"post-stats\">{$stats}</span>{$rating}</li>" . "\n";


    $content .= "<li><a href=\"{$permalink}\" title=\"{$title}\" class=\"wpp-post-title\" target=\"".$this->user_ops['tools']['link']['target']."\">". get_the_post_thumbnail( url_to_postid($permalink), 'bones-thumb-40', array('class' => 'wpp-thumbnail') ) . "{$title_sub}</a> {$excerpt}<span class=\"post-stats\">{$stats}</span>{$rating}</li>" . "\n";


  • Added styling for author comments
  • Added a wordpress category
  • Fixed CSS bug with search-form by adding missing right-float and removing line-height setting from normalize.css and applying it just to the content section instead of the body


  • Fixed bug with anti-adblocker code on downloads page causing all links to get modified incorrectly


  • Added code to make editing the parent of a comment easier.  Then used it to fix various comments which didn’t have parents but should have had.


  • Fixed bug with CSS styles which caused external link icon to be shown for files on CDN
  • Fixed minor bug with google ads display


  • Fixed missing notice on adblocking
  • Tinkered with google ads to optimise them, and to to reduce how obtrusive they are
  • Added code to display a message to adblockers when they download files.  Downloading is still possible, it’s just 1 extra nag


  • Fixed issue with bug in W3TC minification causing 404 errors (big thanks to Pothi Kalimuthu)
  • Fixed bug with reply to comments – by using proper wordpress comments function instead of writing my own form – details available in this post.


  • Changed how ads are inserted using much more efficient PHP for faster page loading (see http://www.transformationpowertools.com/wordpress/adsense-ad-at-more-tag-fold)
  • Removed several redundant plugins: WP-Minify and 5 other minor plugins (Dean’s Permalinks Migration, Health Check, Highlight Author Comments, Hotfix, Term Management Tools)
  • Replaced JetPack with Slim JetPack
  • Updated WordPress core and 15 plugins
  • Ongoing migration to new VPS with following improvements: Varnish cache in front of web server, APC caching with PHP, MySQL caching by MySQL
  • Better minification engines: CSS Tidy and Closure Compiler
  • Recompressed various images now EWWW is working properly with latest versions of compression tools.


  • Tweaked a couple of forms to use new HTML5 types ’email’ and ‘url’ instead of just text


  • Fixed ‘about’ submenu icons


  • Customised “wordpress popular posts” so styles match “popular posts” plugin.  Edits to the stylesheet, line 1124 of wordpress-popular-posts.php and added new function around line 1176.
  • Refixed wordpress strip_shortcode_tag() bug – function can’t be overwritten with filter, so have to do this with every release of wordpress!


  • Merged facebook pages – new page uses correct name, has all followers intact, and is correctly linked into the facebook app which enables comments by people with facebook accounts to bypass e-mail verification
  • Fixed various issues with webmaster tools, mainly by disabling sitemap for attachment pages which aren’t used.
  • Fixed a few minor rich snippets errors – publisher snippet not on all pages and pages (not posts) missing 2 pieces of rich snippet markup


  • Tweaked styles of comment form substantially – now much more like the nice form used by jetpack comments
  • Added wordpress social comments plugin – commenters can use social network details to leave comments – no 3rd party servers are involved so privacy is maintained
  • Updated to latest jquery (1.8.3)
  • Added expanding textbox script for comment form


  • Fixed various HTML5 code errors now HTML5 spec is finalised
  • Fixed HTML5 error with yoast breadcrumbs thanks to a support thread
  • Added breadcrumbs to pages as well as posts


  • Added thumbnail type images to pages as well as posts
  • Added a “most popular this month” widget
  • Customised the “mystery man” avatar
  • Updated and retweaked wp-auto-affiliate-links
  • Tweaked styles to highlight author comments


  • Fixed comment redirect – only first-time commenters get redirected to thank you page
  • Added automatic link from first-time commenters page to go back to previous article


  • Replaced Syntax Highlighter Evolved with Crayon Syntax Highlighter.  This is more up to date, allows line breaking with code copying and offers a way to insert code without the editor mangling it


  • Update to WordPress 3.5
  • Fix incorrect icons on main menu, and re-ordered menu slightly
  • Dropped Jetpack comments and went back to native comments – faster, and more customisable
  • Added thank you page for first-time commenters (which should work now that Jetpack comments are no longer in use)
  • Added Social Login to replace some of Jetpack comments functionality – will tweak appearance and style over xmas holidays
  • Added new Facebook app to hook into Social Login
  • Replaced Facebook page with new page linked to Facebook app (have to wait 14 days for the old page to be deleted, before renaming new page)


  • Added twitter card opengraph style metadata tags – thanks yoast
  • Tweaked DNS to validate (with SPF) e-mails sent from all A record addresses in my DNS – so mail from my webhost server passes SPF checks – another yoast tip.


  • Added valid HTML5 metadata for facebook opengraph descriptions for all pages
  • Updated (and retweaked) wp auto affiliate links plugin
  • Fixed some HTML5 validation errors with ultimate-tag-cloud-widget by removing style tags code (by commenting out lines 868-870 in ultimate-tag-cloud-widget.php)
  • Re-enabled modernizr


  • Replaced DNS service from registrar with Amazon’s “Route 53” to speed up DNS and to enable support for SPF, DKIM & DMARC e-mail signing capabilities


  • Replaced email-to-facebook plugin with HootSuite to auto-share content to DIYMediaHome Facebook page.
  • Also enabled sharing to DIYMediaHome Google+ page with HootSuite


  • Switched from random gravatars to “unknown man” logo
  • Added “most popular of the month” widget
  • Replaced built-in tag cloud with a more customisable one – set to only show tags which appear on at least 3 posts
  • Set the 2 popular widgets to include pages as well as posts


  • Added relevanssi related posts when regular related posts doesn’t find anything
  • Finished updating all of our links on downloads page to go via anti-hotlink script
  • Added featured images to all pages (as opposed to posts) so they look better when showing up in search results etc.


  • Fixed 1st of 2 problems commenting.  Incompatibility between “bad behaviour” and “jetpack comments”.  Turn on “bad behaviour” option “Allow form postings from other web sites”.
  • Also fixed 2nd of 2 problems commenting – the anti-hotlinking script was blocking php links
  • Added hotlink protection for image files
  • Added auto trash cleanup to wp-config.php with “define(‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 10 );”


  • Fixed problem with admin e-mail address
  • Updated downloads script to deal with local host and 2 mirrors – GoogleDrive and DropBox


  • Added EWWW Image Optimizer plugin to better compress all images
  • Configured EWWW to use PNGOut
  • Recompressed all images with EWWW
  • Added success message to feedback form submission
  • Added anti-bot measures from feedback form to 404 page form


  • Tweaked contact us form more to fix some minor formatting issues
  • Added a honey-pot trap for bots to the contact us form – a hidden field bots will complete but real users wont see prevents submission
  • Changed code to strip HTML tags from contact form.  Links can still be sent in plain text


  • Restored VigLink now that titles are no longer linked – thanks to Brian Braunlich of viglink tech support.


  • Tweaked formatting of related posts on the 404 page
  • Prevented long titles in related posts overlapping the box by setting overflow: hidden;
  • Tidied up the contact us page form


  • Tweaked the wp-auto-affiliates-plugin so that instead of entering full URLs in the admin page only the product code is needed.  Edit to line 326 to add in the rest of the url there
  • Trial replacement of conditional-captcha with “bad behaviour” plugin as captcha isn’t user friendly or accessible
  • Added code to prevent injection spamming via contact form and 404 notification form.


  • Replaced built-in search with relevanssi which has much better matching of results and orders results by relevance not date
  • Added referrer page information to 404 error submission form so when a user submits a broken address I can see where the incoming link is


  • Reorganised the “about page” by breaking it into several subpages.  Added info about hotlinks, guest posts and a blogroll
  • Replaced the comment submission form with the built-in wordpress one which (via JetPack) allows commenters to log in via social network accounts


  • Fixed some bugs with contact form
  • Created a new 404 page with related posts and an error submission form


  • Set up dropbox account and set BackWPUP to sync backups to dropbox as an off-host backup.  These are then also synced onto home server as an extra measure


  • Fixed bug with acronyms plugin by changing doctype declaration in header.php
  • Fixed html validity problem with popular widget by replacing spans with divs
  • Fixed minor bug in popular widget using spaces not commas every 3 digits in large numbers
  • Replaced stats option (in Jetpack) with hardcoded CSS to fix validation issue – instead of ticking option to hide smiley face, put code into theme css – img#wpstats{display:none !important;}
  • Re-fixed the strip_shortcode_tag() bug again since wordpress 3.4 update
  • Fixed subscribe2 shortcode on about page
  • Fixed default blog address to match domain name
  • Created PHP redirect to google drive files bypassing prompts
  • Implemented hotlink protection and added hotlinking information to the about page


  • Multiple author entries for Jon’s comments merged and author information updated to be consistent


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