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With the sad loss of TheHTPC.net there no longer appears to be a home for the Collaborative ImagesByName Project (know as CiP or IBN at various times).  Whilst development on these seems to have halted some time back, the resources themselves are still substantial and will be sorely missed.  As I still had downloaded copies available, and couldn’t find them anywhere else of the net, I’ve decided to host them here so that others may continue to enjoy the previous hard work invested in creating them.

Update: TheHTPC.net is back.  Having created mirrors we’ll leave them intact, but recommend you head to theHTPC.net for the latest versions

I don’t know if there are newer ways of providing the same functionality – e.g. via a plugin which downloads images in realtime, but having such a large locally cached resource already available is well worthwhile.  If it proves popular we’ll look to find a way to reinstate development.  In the meantime I have recompressed all of the PNGs with PNGGauntlet, and have rezipped the archives into 7zip archives with ultra compression to save a bit of space.

You can find links on the downloads page to most (but not all) of the resources that used to be on TheHTPC.net as detailed below

  • People Wave 1
  • 3D Boxset Covers 2.0
  • Original Studio Base Images (15-Jan-2010)
  • Rominator Studio Logos 3.0
  • Chip Studio Logos 1.0
  • Techols Movie & TV Ratings 3.0

If you have any other collections please get in touch with links, or ideally, to pass them on so I can host them with the ones above.  If you are a creator / co-creator of any of the collections and have any issues with me providing a link please get in touch – it is not my intention to tread on anyone’s toes.

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