0Problem with playback in Emby for Kodi

A couple of weeks ago I had a sud­den prob­lem play­ing loc­al media in Kodi via the Emby plu­gin. I fixed it tem­por­ar­ily by rolling back to an older ver­sion of the plu­gin 2.3.57. There were briefly issues with a new­er build of the plu­gin but these have now been resolved in ver­sion 2.3.61, at least accord­ing to the only thread I could find with the same issue on the emby for­um.

How­ever, a week later the prob­lem returned, and this time, no ver­sion of the plu­gin worked to fix it. I even­tu­ally real­ised that the Emby serv­er was­n’t run­ning! After I star­ted it up it told me there was an update from 3.2.36 which required a restart. I restar­ted but was greeted with the same mes­sage. I even­tu­ally had to down­load the serv­er 3.2.60 and install it over the old ver­sion. The serv­er then updated sev­er­al plu­gins, and 1 restart later all was well again. If you’re hav­ing prob­lems, check your serv­er is run­ning and is on the latest version.

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