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Windows didn’t find a driver for my device

There are sev­er­al pos­sible causes of this problem.

1. The VID and PID of your device are not in the btwusb.inf file. Have a look at the VID and PID list page for more information.

2. You have a “Microsoft Driver” Infec­tion. Have a read of the Manu­al Driver Install­a­tion page

3. Your device is faulty. Try the ori­gin­al driver that came with the device. If that fails then you need a new piece of hardware.

4. You are not using a USB dongle. I’m not quite sure yet how these work, there may be issues. Get in touch with me.

I can’t customise the buttons on my Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth

See the Microsoft Input sec­tion of the Driver Install­a­tion page.

I get the error “There was a problem installing this hardware. An error occurred during the installation of this device. The required section was not found in the inf”

If you are con­nec­ted to the Inter­net, Win­dows will some­times try to update your driver from Win­dowsUp­date online. Make sure you are dis­con­nec­ted from the ‘net and try again. You may need to do a manu­al driver installation.

I get the error “There was a problem installing this hardware. An error occurred during the installation of this device. The system cannot find the file specified”

Try dis­con­nect­ing from the Inter­net (as detailed above). You may need to do a manu­al driver installation.

My Nokia phone wont connect or keeps disconnecting

You may not have new enough firm­ware. This is a par­tic­u­larly com­mon prob­lem with the Nokia 6310i. You need to read the Nokia firm­ware inform­a­tion page. If your soft­ware is try­ing to con­nect on “COM0” you need to change the set­tings (see ques­tion: The driver install­a­tion works cor­rectly, but when I try to use the seri­al port ser­vice it tries to con­nect on “COM0” and fails)

I am using a bluetooth keyboard and I keep getting a pop up when I press the capslock key or the numlock key

Down­load and run the Key Indic­a­tion registry frag­ment from the Down­loads page

My device appears to have a VID and PID of 0000 0000

Replace your device. It’s broken.

I get the error “Your bluetooth software license does not include use with this Bluetooth device. [6]”

The file patch­er did­n’t patch the 3 files cor­rectly. Rerun it in safe mode.

My iPaq drops the connection to my PC regularly

I don’t have a solu­tion to this yet. I think it is a prob­lem with the iPaq soft­ware / firm­ware. If any­one knows of a solu­tion please get in touch with me.

The driver installation is asking for a licence.dat

Either your down­load and extrac­tion of the drivers was cor­rup­ted, or you have not run the .reg file included with the patched files pri­or to run­ning the main setup. You can try point­ing the request to “C:\Drivers\Win\Bdcact” (where you extrac­ted the IBM drivers), but it is prob­ably bet­ter to start the guide again from the beginning.

I am using bluetooth to connect my PC to my mobile phone so that I can use my phone to access the Internet. Internet access seems very slow

First gen­er­a­tion Bluetooth sup­ports 1Mbit con­nec­tions which is twice as fast as most broad­band Inter­net con­nec­tions. Second gen­er­a­tion Bluetooth devices should work at up to 2Mbits. The prob­lem is with the mobile phone, not Bluetooth. Many phones only sup­port 9.6.KBit. Most will not work faster than 28.8KBit. You’ll have to wait for 3G net­works for fast Inter­net access through your mobile.

Eveything works but I get an icon in the system tray that says “Bluetooth Network — A Network Cable Is Unplugged”

This is nor­mal. The bluetooth drivers install sup­port for net­work­ing. If the icon both­ers you then open the “Net­work Con­nec­tions” folder and dis­able the “Bluetooth Net­work” connection.

My Dial-up and Fax Services don’t work after I have installed Bluetooth on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 system

You need to unin­stall and rein­stall the Fax and Dial-Up ser­vices. This can be done in add/remove programs/windows com­pon­ents, BUT by default many of the win­dows com­pon­ents are hid­den, includ­ing the Fax and DUN ser­vices. To show ALL of the win­dows com­pon­ents that can be selec­ted you need to carry out the fol­low­ing procedure:

  • Open note­pad or a sim­il­ar text editor
  • Open the file C:\Windows\inf\sysoc.inf
  • Do a search and replace, and replace ‚hide, with
  • Save sysoc.inf

Please note: Some of the com­pon­ents take a long time to “untick” after you click on them. When you deselect the com­pon­ents you wish to rein­stall you will have to wait 10–15 seconds and then move the scroll­bar at the right hand side, and the tick should disappear.

My Sony-Ericsson R520m keeps disabling Bluetooth

I believe this is a prob­lem with the R520m, which will hope­fully be fixed with new firm­ware. I recom­mend con­tact­ing Sony-Eric­sson if you exper­i­ence this prob­lem. Until a firm­ware update becomes avail­able you can try switch­ing the phone off and back on, or using the “Mas­ter Reset” option.

I am trying to use a Compaq Multiport with a Microsoft Mouse and the response time is very slow

This is a firm­ware issue. Com­paq don’t cur­rently sup­ply updated firm­ware, but it can be resolved by flash­ing the Mul­ti­port with the firm­ware update from TDK for their USB BT adapter

The driver installation works correctly, but when I try to use the serial port service it tries to connect on “COM0” and fails

Right click on the sys­tem tray icon and select open the con­fig­ur­a­tion options. Under the loc­al ser­vices tab click on “Add Seri­al Device” and fol­low the steps to add a new device. Under the “Cli­ent Applic­a­tions” tab click on “Add COM Port” and fol­low the steps. The names you use for the ser­vices do not mat­ter. Use this port instead of the default port.

I have a networking device that will not accept secure connections (there are some Bluetooth routers with this problem)

Down­load and run the Net­work Secur­ity registry frag­ment from the Down­loads page

I’m having problems getting my D‑Link DBT-120 to install

There are known firm­ware issues with the D‑Link dongles. Down­load an updated firm­ware from the Down­loads page and use the Firm­ware update pro­gram included with the Wid­comm drivers to update your dongle.

I get the following error: “no local bluetooth device detected”

You must manu­ally check that ALL of the fol­low­ing drivers have been updated the the ver­sion that you have installed. Check the fol­low­ing devices in device man­ager: the bluetooth device itself, all bluetooth com ports (there are usu­ally 2 of these), bluetooth net­work “card”, Bluetooth Audio

The Mrouter software does not see any Known or Unknown devices and refresh has no effect

If you have an intern­al modem that is using a COM port, use device man­ager to dis­able it, try using mrouter again, and once it has come to life, re-enable the modem

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