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I like hav­ing my movies stored on a serv­er as I can use Media Cen­ter Mas­ter to down­load metadata, trail­ers, the IMDB rat­ing, etc, which is use­ful when I have people round for a movie ses­sion.  Con­sequently I have recently been adding some of my Blu Ray col­lec­tion to my Media Serv­er via the handy Any­DVD HD.

Whilst most Blu Ray’s have a single movie .m2ts file, some split the movie into many files and join­ing the files in the cor­rect order is tricky and very time con­sum­ing.  Whilst search­ing for a solu­tion to this I dis­covered Clown­BD.  This excel­lent (and free) util­ity can scan the folder struc­ture of a ripped Blu Ray and auto­mat­ic­ally allow you to select the main move which it will then gen­er­ate as a single file.  As a bonus it is also pos­sible to select which audio, video and sub­title streams to keep.

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