15Windows_7_logoWindows Icons: Full list with details, locations & images

Good qual­ity icons and images, espe­cially ones with an alpha trans­par­ency can be time con­sum­ing to make, and are often also hard to find.  One source of lots of high qual­ity icons in a range of sizes is Win­dows.  Win­dows 7 includes lots of icons which can be use­ful as the major­ity are avail­able in sizes from 16×16 up to 256×256, and come with alpha trans­par­ency.  You may have noticed that we use some on our down­loads page — they’re handy to quickly indic­ate file type. Win­dows stores most of its icons inside exe and dll files which makes them inac­cess­ible to stand­ard image manip­u­la­tion applic­a­tions like Pho­toshop.  How­ever, once they have been loc­ated they can eas­ily be extrac­ted with the free­ware util­ity IcoFX. Track­ing some of them down seems to be the trick­ier part. Below is a quick ref­er­ence for the loc­a­tions of many of the icons avail­able on Win­dows 7. I will peri­od­ic­ally add more details and any extra icon lib­rar­ies I dis­cover to this list.

Loc­a­tions of com­mon win­dows icons

File TypeAsso­ci­ated ExtensionsBuilt-in?Loc­a­tion
MP3mp3yes%windir%\system32\wmploc.dll 60
Free Lossless Audio CodecflacnoIncluded in FLAC
Raw Wave Filewavyes%windir%\system32\wmploc.dll 62
Ogg Vor­bisoffnoIncluded in Xiph Codecs
Midimidyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 18
Monkey’s AudioapenoIncluded in Monkey’s Audio
Apple Losslessalac alenoIncluded in Itunes / Quicktime
Matroskamkv mkanoDown­load from Devi­antArt
Win­dows Recor­ded TVwtvyes%windir%\system32\sberes.dll 0
Audio-Video Inter­leaveaviyes%windir%\system32\wmploc.dll 59
Motion Pic­ture Experts Groupmpg mpegyes%windir%\system32\wmploc.dll 61
Flash VideoflvnoIncluded in Adobe Flash Player
Win­dows Media Videowmvyes%windir%\system32\wmploc.dll 64
Apple MoviemovnoIncluded in Itunes / Quicktime
Joint Pic­ture Experts Groupjpg jpegyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 68
Port­able Net­work Graphicpngyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 79
Bit­mapbmpyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 66
Graph­ics Inter­change Formatgifyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 67
Tagged Image File Formattif tiffyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 160
Pho­toshop ImagepsdnoIncluded in Adobe Pho­toshop
Paint­shop Pro Imagepsp pspim­agenoIncluded in Corel Paint­shop Pro
Scal­able Vec­tor GraphicssvgnoUnknown
Hyper­Text Markup Languagehtml htmyes%windir%\system32\ieframe.dll 10
PHP Hyper­text PreprocessorphpyesIncluded in Dream­Weaver
Extens­ible Markup LanguagexmlyesIncluded in Dream­Weaver
Cas­cad­ing Style SheetscssyesIncluded in Dream­Weaver
Java ArchivejarnoIncluded in Java
JavaS­criptjs jscriptyes%windir%\system32\wscript.exe 4
VB Scriptvbsyes%windir%\system32\wscript.exe 3
Really Simple Syndicationrssyes%windir%\system32\ieframe.dll 66
Plain Texttxtyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 98
Microsoft Worddoc docxnoIncluded in Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excelxls xlsxnoIncluded in Microsoft Office
Microsoft Power­pointppt pptxnoIncluded in Microsoft Office
Microsoft Pub­lisherpub pubxnoIncluded in Microsoft Office
Adobe Port­able Doc­u­ment FormatpdfnoIncluded in Microsoft Office
Rar ArchiverarnoIncluded in Win­RAR
Zip ArchivezipnoIncluded in Win­ZIP
7Zip Archive7znoIncluded in 7Zip
HTML Helphlpyes%windir%\hh.exe 0
Execut­ableexeyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 12
Ini­tial­isa­tion / Con­fig­ur­a­tion Fileiniyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 65
Setup Inform­a­tion Fileinfyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 65
Dynamic Link Librarydllyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 63
Home / Houseyes%windir%\system32\ieframe.dll 0
16bit DOS Com­mand Scriptcmd batyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 64
Registry Frag­mentregyes%windir%\system32\regedit.exe 2
True Type Fontttfyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 150
Microsoft Installermsiyes%windir%\system32\imageres.dll 163

Ref­er­ence list of Win­dows Icons con­tained in dll and exe icon libraries

The num­bers below each icon refer to the icon num­ber of the file, and the num­ber in brack­ets indic­ates how many vari­ants of the icon there are (there could be up to a the­or­et­ical max­imum of 20, with dif­fer­ent col­our depths and sizes.  All the icon screen­shots shown below are of 32×32 icons in their highest avail­able colour-depth.

%windir%\system32\compstui.dll (Com­mon Prop­erty Sheet User Interface)

compstui.dll icons

%windir%\system32\ddores.dll (Device Cat­egory Inform­a­tion and Resources)

DDORes.dll icons

%windir%\system32\ieframe.dll (Inter­net Explorer)

ieframe.dll icons

%windir%\system32\imageres.dll (Win­dows Image Resource)

imageres.dll icons

%windir%\system32\mmcndmgr.dll (Microsoft Man­age­ment Con­sole Node Manager)

mmcndmgr.dll icons

%windir%\system32\moricons.dll (Win­dows NT Setup Icon Resources)

moricons.dll icons

%windir%\system32\netshell.dll (Net­work Con­nec­tions Shell)

netshell.dll icons

%windir%\system32\pnidui.dll (Net­work Sys­tem Icons)

pnidui.dll icons

%windir%\system32\shell32.dll (Win­dows Shell Common)

shell32.dll icons

%windir%\system32\wmploc.dll (Win­dows Media Player Resources)

wmploc.dll icons

%windir%\system32\pifmgr.dll (Win­dows NT PIF Man­ager Icon Resource Library)

pifmgr.dll icons

%windir%\system32\wpdshext.dll (Port­able Devices Shell Extension)

wpdshext.dll icons

%windir%\system32\comres.dll (COM+ Resources)

comres.dll icons

%windir%\system32\dmdskres.dll (Disk Man­age­ment Sup­port Snap-In)

dmdskres.dll icons

%windir%\system32\dsuiext.dll (Dir­ect­ory Ser­vice Com­mon UI)

dsuiext.dll icons

%windir%\system32\inetcplc.dll (Inter­net Con­trol Panel)

inetcplc.dll icons

%windir%\system32\mstsc.exe (Remote Desktop Con­nec­tion Client)

mstsc.exe icons

%windir%\system32\mstscax.dll (Remote Desktop Ser­vices Act­iveX Client)

mstscax.dll icons

%windir%\system32\setupapi.dll (Win­dows Setup API)

setupapi.dll icons

%windir%\system32\shdocvw.dll (Shell Doc Object and Con­trol Library)

shdocvw.dll icons

%windir%\system32\urlmon.dll (OLE32 Exten­sion for Win32)

urlmon.dll icons

%windir%\system32\wiashext.dll (Ima­ging Devices Shell Folder UI)

wiashext.dll icons

%windir%\system32\mmres.dll (Gen­eral Audio Resources) — Thanks to Marek Podgorny (see com­ments below)

mmres.dll icons

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15 Responses to “Windows Icons: Full list with details, locations & images”

  1. gravatarBearPup

    Thanks for dis­play­ing the icons — very use­ful to know where to look for spe­cific icons.

    • gravatarJon Scaife

      Thanks. I didn’t want to post indi­vidual icons with their trans­par­ency as I think that’s push­ing the copy­right side of things too far but any­one with Win­dows on their PC can now grab the icons them­selves eas­ily enough :)

        • gravatarJon Scaife

          Down­load IcoFX 2 (ver­sion 3 is no longer free) from our down­load page and install that. Go to file: open, and change “files of type” to “win­dows bin­ary”. Then select the .dll file of choice. In the win­dow that appears select the icon you want to extract and click the extract but­ton. In that new win­dow (the icon itself) select the size you want from the left hand column, right click on it, and select “export image”. I’d change the save as file­type to PNG, but it’s up to you — then just save it.

    • gravatarMarek Podgorny

      Num­ber­ing starts from 0, so it didn’t shift.

      A file you haven’t men­tioned is mmres.dll, which con­tains media icons.

      • gravatarJon Scaife

        Cheers for your com­ments Marek — I’ve added details of mmres.dll. You’re also cor­rect that num­ber­ing starts from 0 — thanks for point­ing that out :)

  2. gravatarLargeVirus

    I found some dlls and exe files with icons in them, e.g. zipflrdr.dll
    There are oth­ers if you go look­ing in the system32 folder.