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I’ve added a lot more icons to my set of cus­tom push­pins for google maps.  I’ve also now uploaded them indi­vidu­ally to picasa web albums, so they can be dir­ectly linked to there.

I wont go into the details of how or why as I [int­link id=“1806” type=“post”]already did that for release 1[/intlink].  In that art­icle there are also details for the ori­gin­al google icons.

Release 1: 11-10-2011: 44 extra icons

Release 2: 12-11-2011: 114 extra icons


The icons can be found on my picasa web albums gal­lery or can be down­loaded as a full set from the [int­link id=“741” type=“page”]downloads page[/intlink]

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