0Centos 8

Centos 8 has finally been released and will eventually provide the base for a new hosting platform for us. However it isn’t quite ready as there are a few packages not yet available.

The following are packages that we use as part of our hosting that aren’t yet available. Hopefully these will become available soon. Whilst we could compile them ourselves, we prefer to use a package manager as this means software can easily be kept up to date.

  • nginx-more
  • certbot
  • zopfli
  • optipng
  • gifsicle
  • libwebp-tools
  • pngquant
  • nodejs-clean-css
  • mysqltuner

We could manage without most of these tools but nginx-more is essential and losing certbot and zopfli would mean significant reconfiguring. I expect the last of these to get done is nginx-more as it’s updated the least regularly.

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