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One of the most irrit­at­ing things in MS Out­look is the read­ing pane. Not only is it turned on by default, but accord­ing to Microsoft there is no way to change this default. Well, I beg to differ.…

Below are spe­cif­ic instruc­tions for Out­look 2007. Oth­er ver­sions of out­look will no doubt dif­fer slightly, but it should be pos­sible to find the same settings

  1. Open out­look
  2. Select the main / root folder for your emails (usu­ally the inbox)
  3. Open the “views” menu, and expand the “cur­rent view” menu
  4. At the bot­tom click on “define views”
  5. Select the line which says “mes­sages” (or if you use imap select the “imap mes­sages” line)
  6. click on modify
  7. click the “oth­er set­tings” button
  8. change the radio but­ton option for the read­ing pane to “off” (by default it is set to “right”)
  9. click ok / apply to each win­dow in turn

Cred­it to about.com and vari­ous posters on ask-leo.com

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