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I recently had to get inside an old-ish Asus A2500 laptop to invest­ig­ate an issue with the CD-ROM drive (and to upgrade the memory and add a wire­less card). Most laptops have a cov­er above the key­board that pops off, but on this par­tic­u­lar laptop it did­n’t seem attached in the usu­al way.

A bit of googling quickly offer­ing some excel­lent info, namely that you need a paper­clip or sim­il­ar to poke into the hole in the top pan­el above the key­board, to the right of the power but­ton and 4 LED’s. The pan­el then slides to the left. The key­board is removed by slid­ing upwards and lift­ing. From there on it’s like any oth­er laptop — end­less tiny screws.

Sadly the site I ori­gin­ally loc­ated with these instruc­tions (simply called “Allan’s Web­space” is no longer online.

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