0Old Foscam FI8918W in Milestone XProtect

I’ve recently been on a tool buying spree and decided I now need a degree of security for my garage. I also have an old VGA foscam camera sat unused in a box and a functioning CCTV server system, so I figured I might as well set the foscam up inside the garage – not only would it help identify anyone who was in there who shouldn’t be, it will also help me know where I left that tool I just can’t find, and if the neighbours cat has got locked in there again

Such an old and basic device works via the universal driver option in which you will need to specify the IP of the camera, the port (in my case 8084) and the username and password.

Once the device is added you will need to edit stream number to the correct settings, which in my case are as below, although your port and framerate may be different, and you will need to enter your own username and password (the username is likely to be admin unless you changed it).

  • Codec: MJPEG
  • Connection URI: videostream.cgi?user=admin&pwd=yourpassword
  • Frames Per Second: 60
  • RTSP Port: 8084
  • Streaming Mode: HTTP

Then switch away from settings and click “save settings” when prompted. I then had to right click on the hardware and click refresh.

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