0Air Quality in Home Assistant

I recently wrote about how to show bin col­lec­tion inform­a­tion in Home Assist­ant, and my next pro­ject was to pull some air qual­ity inform­a­tion. For­tu­nately I have a ‘Tado’ account which meant I could pull this inform­a­tion from their API using the fol­low­ing code

Updated 20-Dec-2021

This was updated to tweak an issue where home assist­ant con­verts the text value “none” into “unknown”.

Much of the inform­a­tion for this was taken from a thread on the home assist­ant for­ums, but I was able to add pol­lu­tion as well as pol­len inform­a­tion, and I also had to tweak the code to resolve an issue with “none” being treated as “unknown” rather than as a string of text. Lots of cred­it to Drillbit on the for­ums though.

Tado account details

  • You will need some inform­a­tion for your Tado account
  • Vis­it https://my.tado.com/api/v2/me?username=you@emailaddress.tld&password=yourpassword
  • Near the top of the out­put you need the numer­ic ID that is lis­ted under homes: 0: id:
  • Next, go to https://www.latlong.net/ and loc­ate your home and make a note of the lat­it­ude and longitude
  • Next vis­it https://acme.tado.com/v1/homes/your-home-ID/airComfort?latitude=12.34&longitude=12.34&username=your@email&password=your-pass­word to make sure it loads

Code for home assistant

  • Add the fol­low­ing code to your configuration.yaml

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