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0fonera simpl2Quebrada Fonera ruínas recepção de TDT

Para a última 3 days I’ve had serious problems receiving Freeview. Until now I’ve had no problems, but as we’d had some very strong winds locally, I thought a likely candidate was the aerial being knocked off alignment. I carried out various other checks of cables, amplifiers etc. e não conseguiu encontrar quaisquer problemas, and consequently decided to investigate issues with the aerial. I have a large high gain aerial spare, and as I’m currently in rented accommodation I decided to try my aerial in the attic space, rather than attempting to get onto the roof of the house. I lugged my aerial up, and thanks to a combination of aerialsandtv, google earth, e megalithia terrain was able to line up on the nearest major transmitterEmley Moor. I connected the aerial directly to the TV cartão em minha TV server and used my laptop to check that everything was fixed. Não foi!… Leia o artigo completo

0Humax PVR-9200TCopie os arquivos do Humax PVR 9200T para PC

Eu tenho um par de Humax PVT-9200T PVRs duplo TDT, both of which are now quite full with recorded programs. Humax have provided a program called eLinker, mas não é muito bom. A good alternative is Humax Media Controller but unfortunately it doesn’t work with Windows x64, como Mike Dimmick explica. Thankfully, Mike has also created a solution by patching some of the files, so that Humax Media Controller can now be used successfully in Windows 7 x64. The only issue is that Windows must be booted with Driver Signing Enforcement disabled.