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I have an HTPC and a network server on my network.  My server is always on, but the HTPC sleeps when it is not in use.  If I want to schedule recordings remotely I need a way to wake the HTPC.  The solution I came up with is to provide a webpage on my server (password protected) that wakes the HTPC and then redirects to the web interface of the remote control app of the HTPC.  Below is the code for anyone interested…

[php language=”htmlscript”]<html>
<meta http-equiv=’refresh’ content=’11;url=address of htpc here’ />
<script type="text/javascript">
// time is the number of seconds left
// name is the text part of the container to insert countdown in
// num is the unique id of the container. Allows for more than 1 per page
function countdown(time, name, num)
// grab the element object of the countdown container
countdownDiv = document.getElementById(name + num);
// calculate number of minutes from the seconds
minutes = Math.floor(time / 60);
// remainder is number of seconds
seconds = time % 60;
// add the current countdown display to the container specified
countdownDiv.innerHTML = ‘after ‘ + seconds + ‘ seconds, please wait’;
if(time == 1)countdownDiv.innerHTML = ‘after ‘ + seconds + ‘ second, please wait’;
// if time is up remove the edit div, otherwise repeat every second
if(time <= 0) countdownDiv.innerHTML = ‘now…’;
else setTimeout(‘countdown(‘ + –time + ‘,"’ + name + ‘","’ + num + ‘");’, 1000);
<body bgcolor=’#000022′ style=’text-align: center; color: white; padding-top: 30px;’>
The TV interface will automatically load <div id="div_name1" style="display:inline;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">countdown(12, "div_name", 1)</script>
$addr_byte = explode(‘:’, "MAC Address of htpc here");
$hw_addr = ”;
for ($a=0; $a <6; $a++) $hw_addr .= chr(hexdec($addr_byte[$a]));
$msg = chr(255).chr(255).chr(255).chr(255).chr(255).chr(255);
for ($a = 1; $a <= 16; $a++) $msg .= $hw_addr;
$s = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, SOL_UDP);
$opt_ret = socket_set_option($s, 1, 6, TRUE);
if(socket_sendto($s, $msg, strlen($msg), 0, "local subnet address here", "7")) {socket_close($s);return TRUE;}else {return FALSE;}

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