0dosboxRunning 16bit Windows apps on Windows 7

Whilst set­ting up a new laptop with Win­dows 7 x64 recently, I was asked if I could get some old 16bit pro­grams run­ning.  One of these was an edu­ca­tion­al piece of soft­ware called “Mul­ti­me­dia Motion II” by Cam­bridge Sci­ence Media.  This is a win­dows pro­gram that has worked on all pre­vi­ous ver­sions of win­dows up to win­dows XP.  How­ever, Win­dows 7 x64 no longer sup­ports 16bit Win­dows pro­grams, and instead throws the error about being an “Unsup­por­ted 16-bit application”

The free DOS­Box has proved excel­lent in the past for run­ning old 16-bit games like the set­tlers and cham­pi­on­ship man­ager 2, how­ever Mul­ti­me­dia Motion II requires win­dows, not just DOS.

Some­where I have an old copy of Win­dows 3.11 on floppy disks, but set­ting it up under DOS box seemed rather tedi­ous, so I did some googling to see if someone had done the hard work for me, and found a post on digiex by Lord­Da­M­an. (Update — the link is now broken — you’ll have to do it the long win­ded way with ori­gin­al install disks — there is a guide on Vogons which will prob­ably be helpful)

All I had to do was cus­tom­ise the con­fig file to add an auto­ex­ec entry which mapped a drive and then star­ted win­dows 3.11.  I then mapped anoth­er drive as a CD drive to the loc­a­tion of the mul­ti­me­dia motion ii files, ran the installer (which cre­ated a pro­gram group), and then ran the app successfully

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