0dosboxRunning 16bit Windows apps on Windows 7

Whilst setting up a new laptop with Windows 7 x64 recently, I was asked if I could get some old 16bit programs running.  One of these was an educational piece of software called “Multimedia Motion II” by Cambridge Science Media.  This is a windows program that has worked on all previous versions of windows up to windows XP.  However, Windows 7 x64 no longer supports 16bit Windows programs, and instead throws the error about being an “Unsupported 16-bit application”

The free DOSBox has proved excellent in the past for running old 16-bit games like the settlers and championship manager 2, however Multimedia Motion II requires windows, not just DOS.

Somewhere I have an old copy of Windows 3.11 on floppy disks, but setting it up under DOS box seemed rather tedious, so I did some googling to see if someone had done the hard work for me, and found a post on digiex by LordDaMan. (Update – the link is now broken – you’ll have to do it the long winded way with original install disks – there is a guide on Vogons which will probably be helpful)

All I had to do was customise the config file to add an autoexec entry which mapped a drive and then started windows 3.11.  I then mapped another drive as a CD drive to the location of the multimedia motion ii files, ran the installer (which created a program group), and then ran the app successfully

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