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Over the years I’ve cre­ated quite a few unat­ten­ded Win­dows install­a­tion disks. One of the toughest prob­lems to solve has been how to install Inter­net Explorer 7 (and now 8 ) dur­ing setup without caus­ing post-setup prob­lems. The prob­lem is caused by the way the install­a­tion routine cre­ates files in the dllcache which get over-writ­ten by win­dows setup.

The wrong ver­sions are then present in dllcache and this can cause some hot­fixes to fail to install in the future.
The solu­tion is to cre­ate some empty files in dllcache before the install of IE so that the IE installer behaves as it does when it is run nor­mally and cre­ates tem­por­ary files with cor­res­pond­ing entries in Pending­FileR­e­name­Op­er­a­tions registry key. These tem­por­ary files are over-writ­ten by win­dows setup, but then after reboot the IE setup uses the Pending­FileR­e­name­Op­er­a­tions key to update the files to the cor­rect version.

For more inform­a­tion take a look at my for­um posts on MSFN for IE7 and IE8

Down­load both fixes from the down­loads page

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